10 Common Phrases People No Longer Believe In

Here are some common phrases that no longer ring true to many.

1. Judging Books by Their Covers

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A user expressed discontent with the adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” They shared their experiences, having adhered to this principle for years, only to find that a person’s exterior often accurately reflects their hidden personality. Having interacted with diverse individuals and traveled extensively, they found little validity in the proverb, feeling disappointed by its generalization.

2. Confrontation vs. Being the Bigger Person

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Questioning the wisdom of the saying “Be the bigger person,” a user acknowledged its effectiveness in dealing with occasional difficult individuals. However, they believed confronting cruel, vile, and arrogant people was essential, regardless of the directness or harshness of one’s approach. They emphasized the importance of exposing such individuals, even if it goes against the notion of being the “bigger person.”

3. The Forgiveness Dilemma

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Offering their interpretation of the proverb “Forgive and forget,” a participant admitted struggling to forgive and forget when they have been wronged completely. While acknowledging the need to avoid letting negative experiences control their thoughts and time, they emphasized the difficulty of letting go of old resentments and stood firm in their stance.

4. Trying Matters: The “Do or Do Not” Fallacy

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Disagreeing with the adage “Do or do not, there is no try,” a commenter dismissed it as a naive catchphrase that overlooks the value of trying multiple times and learning from mistakes. They argued that genuine effort and perseverance involve attempting, evaluating, and then deciding whether to persist or redirect one’s efforts. They criticized the oversimplification and impracticality of rejecting the act of trying as meaningless.

5. The Beauty Paradox

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A commenter objected to the notion that “everyone is beautiful in their own way.” They deemed this assertion false, acknowledging that not everyone possesses attractive physical characteristics. However, they emphasized that regardless of appearance, no one should be mistreated or subjected to discrimination based on their genetic makeup. Respect and decency should be extended to all individuals, regardless of their looks.

6. Privacy Matters: “Nothing to Hide”

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The adage “If you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to hide” was questioned by a user who argued that it disregards an individual’s right to privacy. They used historical examples to illustrate how attitudes and views can change over time, highlighting the experiences of Germans and Floridians. They contended that even if someone currently has nothing to hide, it doesn’t guarantee that their behavior or information won’t be perceived negatively or as inappropriate in the future.

7. Unique and Special Illusion?

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Within the context of middle school and high school, a user shared their perspective on the proclamation, “You’re unique and special!” They expressed skepticism toward this assertion, based on their personal experiences, where people considered unique were often categorized as either popular athletes or targets of bullying. They believed that the idea of uniqueness automatically leads to positive experiences or acceptance clashes with the realities of school social dynamics.

8. Authenticity Over Fakery

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A user disapproved of the saying, “Fake it ’til you make it.” They drew from their own experiences, explaining how pretending to be someone they’re not ever brought them success. Instead, it left them feeling exhausted and questioning their authenticity. The user described the pressure to conceal their true selves and emotions, ultimately leading to a disconnection from their genuine feelings and desires.

9. The Pressure To Be Better

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A commenter doubted the advice to “always try to be the better version of yourself.” They admitted feeling pressured to constantly seek improvement, fearing they would never be good enough. The user believed that individuals should be allowed to have moments when their mood or behavior is not at their best without feeling guilty or condemned.

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