10 Disgusting Things Men Say That Make Them Lose Respect For Other Men

If a man is doing insane and inappropriate stuff, then yes, a man can have hateful feelings for the other man. On an online platform, people share such odd things that make a man lose respect for another man.

1. Men Who Break Lame Jokes

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A man with a good sense of humor is a plus point of this gender. But some men lack this sense and break lame jokes. It sometimes targets someone’s physical appearance, color, or ability. They also use vulgar words to spice up the joke. Other men hate such men and do not even like to sit with them anymore.

2. Men Bragging About Money

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A gentleman stated that he belonged to a sophisticated society. But whenever he gets a chance to sit with some outsider, he finds a creepy one. He said most men bragged about their money and bank balance. This destroyed the image of that person in front of any sophisticated man. Because money is nothing to brag about, it is a necessary component to spend a life.

3. Talk About Sex Life

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It is a widespread culture to talk about sex life. Men do this considering it as their pride. They talk about this in detail and even express their emotions. But some real men do not appreciate this act. One commentator said he could not accept such a man in his social circle. And even he can not respect such a person.

4. Cheating Girls

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A man shifting from one girl to another is not a man of pride. Such men are not cool as they think they are. A real man can not appreciate such a disgusting thing. Other men hate a man who does such things and boosts on this act. They even do not allow such men to sit with them.

5. Bullying

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Bullying is the worst thing to do. And if it comes to men’s circle, it is even more challenging and bad. Men do hurt egos and self-respect in the name of bullying. Sometimes it is borne, and sometimes it brings a lot of damage. And this way, the victim man loses respect for the bullying man and hates him.

6. Making Other’s Life Harder

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Men are considered the strongest gender of all. He has the power to make anyone’s life easy and hard. Some men use this ability for harmful purposes. And mainly, they disturb girls and poor men. Snatching, robbing, and harassing are some things that make other life harder. A mother’s son never likes such an evil grown man. And he can not respect such a bad boy.

7. Raising Hand on the Woman

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Another commentator shared a story of his flat building. A couple was staying in the flat next to his flat for three years. The man was a high-ranked government officer. And he was equally respected in the building. But then it came out he did intimate practice violence. All his respect and reputation vanished in a second. The other men of the building cut all relations with him.

8. Personal Attack

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One guy shared his reviews on the focused topic. He said having arguments among men is not a bad thing. But making a personal attack while losing an idea is the worst thing ever. Men who do this are not eligible to be respected. Because a real man always talks with logic and facts. 

9. Acting Fake When a Girl Is Around

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Some men show off in front of girls and women. They do so to impress them or look cool. Such men change their accents, make strange gestures, and brag about their money. This fake nature does not belong to a real gentleman. Men who are doing such stuff lose their dignity, and they are remembered as culprits.

10. Men Who Use Their Position

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One commentator from the millennial age stated that his very close friend gets posted on a higher post. And he starts taking bribes from people. Even he intervened in the job allocations of our batch mates. It was the most heart-wrenching thing to see him so changed. All the batch starts hating him and losing respect for him.

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