10 ‘Facts’ You Thought Were True But Science Says You’re Wrong

In the huge world of knowledge, myths and wrong ideas often make their way into what we all know. Even though many people accept these myths, science often shows that they are not true. Let’s look at some popular beliefs and explain the truth behind them. This shows that sometimes what we think we know isn’t true. From old wives’ tales to catchy sayings, science has shown that these “facts” are not true, giving us a new view that questions our ideas. 

1. Lightning Never Strikes the Same Place Twice

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People think lightning never hits the same place twice, but it actually hits the same spot more than once. Lightning happens when electricity flows through the air, often striking tall buildings, trees, and other high objects. In fact, lightning rods are made to draw lightning strikes so that they don’t damage buildings and other structures.

2. Goldfish Have a 3-Second Memory

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Goldfish can remember more than just three seconds. Studies have shown that goldfish can remember things for weeks or even months, which isn’t as long as some other animals can remember. They can learn and remember trends, know when to eat based on certain cues, and remember where they live.

3. We Only Use 10% Of Our Brains

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It’s a widespread myth that people only use 10% of their brains. In fact, almost every part of the brain does something, and even when the body is at rest, the brain is still working. Neuroimaging methods of today have shown that different brain parts do different things at different times of the day. Each part of the brain has a unique job to do when it comes to thinking and controlling how the body works.

4. Chewing Gum Stays in Your Stomach for 7 Years

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Most people are wrong when they say that gum stays in the stomach for seven years. It moves through the digestive system like other foods and is finally thrown out. The digestive system is made to break down and handle our food, and gum is no different. It goes through the stomach and bowels and is usually out of the body in a few days.

5. Eating Carrots Improves Night Vision

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Carrots do have vitamin A, which is important for good eyesight, but eating too many carrots won’t magically make you see in the dark. During World War II, there was an effort to spread false information, including the idea that carrots could improve night vision in a big way. Vitamin A is important for healthy eyes but won’t make you see in the dark like a superhero. Good nutrition is good for your eyes, but carrots won’t give you superpowers.

6. Cracking Your Knuckles Leads to Arthritis

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Despite what most people think, cracking your fingers does not cause arthritis. When you crack your fingers, gas bubbles come out of the synovial fluid that lubricates your joints. This is what makes the sound. Even though it may be annoying to those around you, there is no scientific proof that cracking your knuckles often causes arthritis.

7. You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

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This saying might be catchy, but it’s not even close to being true. Even though puppies usually learn things faster than older dogs, older dogs are often more patient and better able to focus, so they are perfectly capable of learning new orders and skills.

8. You Should Wait an Hour After Eating To Swim

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Most people don’t believe that swimming right after eating will cause cramps and cause you to drown. Even though digestion does send some blood to the gut, it’s not likely to cause major problems when swimming for fun. In fact, many people swim after eating without any trouble. But you should always be careful when swimming and be aware of your own level of comfort and physical health.

9. Reading in the Dark Damages Your Eyes

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Reading in a dark room may make your eyes feel tired and strained, but it won’t hurt them for good. Most likely, people think it does because trying to focus in low light can be a little uncomfortable. However, it won’t hurt your eyesight in the long run.

10. Bats Are Blind

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The idea that bats are blind is not true. Most bat species have eyes that work and can see. Even though their eyesight might not be as good as other animals’, they use both echolocation (sonar) and sight to find their way around and find food. Some bats have good night vision, which helps them hunt at night when it’s dark.

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