10 Foreign Snacks Americans Are Missing Out on Big Time

Every country has its own specialty. Similarly, different countries have different snacks. Some became popular worldwide due to their delicious taste. The United States also has a long snack list. But the snacks from foreign countries and unavailable in America are as follows.

1. Flavored Kit-Kat From Japan

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In Japan, KitKat is not only a waffle chocolate. There are unlimited flavors and combinations of Kitkat. Some are banana caramel, strawberry, melon KitKat, KitKat milk tea, KitKat whole grain, KitKat dark matcha, KitKat roasted tea, and much more. Such a long list of flavors is limited to Japan only, unfortunately. All these flavors are only available in Japan. American people who have tasted these flavors missed them in their country.

2. Tim Tams

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Tim Tams are very delicious snacks. People who love chocolate are pure fans of this. It is based on two biscuits. The layer between these biscuits is dark hard chocolate. The outer layer is melted thin chocolate. This chocolaty biscuit textured snack is very famous in Australia. Even people traveling to other countries carry this snack with them. In America, people miss this snack.

3. Gaytime Ice-Cream

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An Australian-based company is famous for its delicious snacks. The daytime ice cream is so much delicious and loved by all people. It has a combination of toffee and vanilla. This combination is loaded with chocolate from the outside. Then this ice cream is dipped into biscuit crumbles. All these flavors provide a delicious taste for their customers. In America, only high-class stores offer this ice cream.

4. Kinder Eggs

Cadbury Creme Eggs
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This chocolaty refreshment is famous all over the World. Not only kids but adults are also fans of this snack. This is made up of essential ingredients, which include flour, vegetable oil, skimmed milk, and sweetener. The soft and creamy white chocolate is filled with egg-shaped molded dark chocolate. And a small toy is placed inside it. In the United States, this snack is banned. According to food and health authorities, the toy can harm health. But the citizens miss its taste.

5. Cadbury Crunches

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Cadbury crunches are the crunch bites. This crunchy bite is covered with a thick layer of chocolate outside. On the inner side, the crush bar is placed. This bar is not a waffle. In America, unfortunately, these bars are not available. The same things with other names are present. But the taste does not match.

6. Daim

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A perfect blend of almonds and caramel, and white chocolate is Daim. The almond and caramel provide its crunchy touch. It is a chocolate bar. It originated in Sweden. But in America, this is not available. People who have tasted this in other countries missed its taste.

7. BBQ Shapes

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All-time favorite tomato-flavored BBQ shapes are delicious snacks. This is a biscuit-type snack. People take this snack usually at tea time. The United States lacks this delightful snack. This belongs to Arnott’s Shapes Australian Company. And snacks of this company are not available in the United States.

8. Poutine

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Poutine is a very unique snack dish. It is made up of fried, and the base is cheese curd. On the top brown curry is dripped. This dish is present in only one country in the United States, Quebec. This dish is so delicious, and the people of the rest continent wish to have it.

9. Wine Gums

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Wine gums are a popular snack in the United Kingdom. It is flavored soft and chewy gum sweet. It is available in different colors and flavors. These flavors are basically fruit based. In America, many similar chewing gums are available. But wine gums are not available.

10. Mochi

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American people who have visited Japan and tasted Mochi are a fan of this dish. A Japanese snack Mochi is a mouthwatering snack. It is a rice cake-type dish. It is made up of rice, water, sugar, and cornstarch. The rice is molded into a shape. This is very delicious and sweet. It is made in a Japanese tradition usually. 

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