10 Stupid Fees Companies Charge That Should Be Banned

There are a lot of companies and institutes that charge illogical charges. These fees have no reason and must be ended. People on an online platform shared such stupid demands that we regularly pay different companies.

1. Kids’ School Lunch Fee

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A father of two girls shared that he is paying heavy fees for his kids. In which all facilities are included. Everything is available for study, tuition, security, playground, and sports. But for lunch, they ask extra money. The fees count a lot, so why ask for extra money for lunch? He added that paying this money with the main fees would not be a big deal. But what is the reason for mentioning the lunch fees separately?

2. To Pay the Speeding Ticket Fee

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A couple on the drive shared that they were on a long drive. There they charge for high speed. The next day they approach the office to pay the fine fee. The clerk asks them to pay a fee before that speeding ticket fee. This fee was to make them able to pay the primary fees. This baffled the couple. They approach the higher office. And there they were asked the same thing. And they paid this extra fee.

3. Administrative Fee

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Administrative fees are the required money to open, maintain, and upgrade any admission. It is different from admission fees. If one gets access to any institute, he must pay for the institution’s maintenance. It sounds ridiculous. People argue about where the admission fees are going if they want extra administrative fees. But almost all institutions, including schools, universities, and hospitals, ask for this fee.

4. Activation Fee for Phone

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There is a fee to activate a new cell phone at home. This fee has no reason. If one gets a new phone, he has already paid for it. Only to activate this phone or to register this phone one has to pay a fee. It sounds ridiculous, but it is practiced throughout cell phone activation companies.

5. Plane Seat Reservation Fee

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Plane ticket prices are already very high. If one is booking a ticket, it means he is paying for all services. But if one wants to sit with his relative or friend, they must pay an extra amount. An additional charge for having seats next to each other is an out-of-reason thing.

6. Print Own Ticket Fee

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Getting a printed ticket charges only the price of the ticket. But if anyone wants an online ticket and wants to print it himself, it charges extra. Even it saves the company’s printing process expenditure. If one uses his own printing machine, ink, and paper, he has to pay an extra amount, an absurd thing ever.

7. 9/11 Plane Ticket Fee

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After the miserable incident of 9/11, many things changed in the world. Along with all these things, the airways companies also changed their ticket price. A box was added to the ticket displaying 9/11 fees along with the original price. These charges were added for the recovery of the damage. And to help the victim people. Okay, but why do the passengers have to pay for it? 

8. Money Transaction Fee

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If one wants to access his money, he must pay for it. Transaction of money from one’s account charges less for the transaction. And if he chooses any other bank for the transaction, it charges more fees. The bank is like, if you want your money back, come and pay more.

9. Resort Fee

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The resort fee is an illogical thing. If one is paying the registration fee, the meal fees, and per-day charges, then what is that resort fee for? The resort fee includes charges for using a coffee maker and reading newspapers. If all these things happen in the resort, they must be included in the main fees. It has no logic to charge a few things extra. This fee should be ended.

10. Cancellation Fee

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The funniest and most absurd fee is the cancellation fee. If one does not want anything, he must pay the price. Cancellation of any membership, gym registration, or insurance company demands a fee. These companies are like, hey, you cannot afford our services anymore. Pay for canceling them.

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