10 Surprising Things Men Say Women Aren’t Ready to Hear

The feminine nature is delicate. She wants to hear love, appreciation, and positivity for herself. There are some things that women do not want to listen to or are not ready to hear. And even not her nature can accept a few things. Men shared their views on an online platform.

1. Diamonds Are Money Waste

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One gentleman stated that diamond is the weakness of women. Whenever they get a chance to get an expensive thing for themselves, they will choose a diamond ring. But actually, the diamond is a waste of money. A lot of money bound in one ring is not a wise decision. But women are not ready to hear anything against diamonds.

2. Wedding Will Be Simple

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A wedding is the most exciting event for the couple, especially for women. They plan a lot of things for this big day. The most shocking thing about this day could be a no to this day. Some men want their wedding to be simple and easy. But the women are not ready to accept this. A woman stated that her first wedding was canceled because her husband-to-be wanted a simple wedding.

3. Ex Got Married

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Women can move on after a breakup, and so men do. But hearing that her ex is happy in his life is unacceptable. Especially when the ex got married, this is a state of depression for women. Some women choose not to listen about whether the ex is married or still a bachelor.

4. To Hear a “No”

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On an online platform, people shared a standard review that women are not prepared to listen no. No matter what it is, they want a yes. Getting a no, they consider a humiliation. Or they take it as they have no value. Their ego got hurt. And to restore it, they start arguments to convert this no to yes.

5. You Are Getting Fat

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Body shape is the most prominent concern in the female world. Women do everything to shape their bodies. They diet, exercise, and run. After that, if someone passes the comment that you are getting fat. It is time for a long silence between the two. Because getting fat is a phobia for women, and they can not listen to this statement even if they are gaining weight.

6. You Are Not Right

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One state of satisfaction in females is to be right every time. Any argument can be won if a man says only one line that you are right, madam. After this, everything is settled in a second. But if someone does the opposite, this will turn into displeasure.

7. It’s Your Hair Clogging the Drain

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One guy added a comment and said that her wife has a hair fall problem. Whenever she takes a shower, the drain is clogged due to her hair. And it freaks him out. And she gets raged whenever he tries to communicate with her about the solution. She even does not want to accept that her hair is not healthy.

8. Husband’s Second Marriage

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This is the most controversial statement. One gentleman expresses that women of every age are not ready to listen to the second marriage of their husband, even if it is not serious. If the husband jokes about it, the wife’s response is always harsh. This is observed in older women.

9. Men Need Sympathy Too

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Women are delicate and emotional gender. They need sympathy and appreciation. But they fail to understand that men also need compassion sometimes. Sometimes they also get broken and need condolence. But the women do not want to listen and accept such stuff. According to them, men are brave and strong.

10. This Dress Will Not Suit You

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One man shared his hilarious story of the early days of his marriage. He said his wife asked for a dress displayed on a mannequin. And he said this would not suit you. And the actual reason was its cost. It’s been 12 years of their marriage, and she still reminds him about his insane comment on the dress. And she still says that he humiliated her.

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