10 Surprising Things That Disappeared Quietly

Here are some things that disappeared mostly unnoticed.

1. Quiznos’ Demise and Founder’s Connection

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According to a Quiznos user, a somber narrative unfolds. The user contends that the corporation underwent rapid expansion while neglecting its franchises, eventually leading to financial struggles and substantial debt imposed by JP Morgan, ultimately leading to its demise. The user also posits the possibility that the same individual who founded Quiznos may have been involved in founding Smashburger.

2. Concerns Over Biodiversity and Extinction

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A commenter raises concerns about biodiversity, drawing attention to the decrease in bugs colliding with windshields. They express worry over the declining populations of bees, butterflies, and other species, attributing humanity as the cause for the ongoing sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history. Urgency is emphasized to take action and prevent future harm.

3. Nostalgia: Calling Cards and Collect Calls

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Fond memories are evoked by somebody reminiscing about the popularity of calling cards and collecting call services like 1-800-COLLECT in the late ’90s and early ’00s. They recall how these services were widely used, especially by individuals deployed to various regions during the early days of the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). Carrying phone cards allowed them to contact loved ones upon arrival, though a drawback was noted: the service providers deducted a significant portion of minutes, approximately 15-25%, for the call itself.

4. Lamenting Loss of Migratory Birds’ Songs

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The loss of migratory birds and their melodious songs is lamented by conscious people in their neighborhood. They compared 25 years ago when the skies were teeming with these birds and their enchanting tunes during the spring and summer seasons. The user expresses sadness over the current state, highlighting the absence of this natural beauty.

5. Reflections on the Decline of Blockbuster Movies

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The decline of blockbuster movies is reflected by a moviegoer who characterizes them as highly profitable cinematic endeavors. They recounted a specific instance when The Dark Knight was so popular that their local theater remained sold out for three consecutive weeks. The commenter goes on to mention the challenges even prominent franchises like Marvel face in replicating the success achieved with Infinity War. Another user counters this perspective, arguing that blockbuster movies still thrive, citing the extended theatrical run of Top Gun: Maverick as an example.

6. Nostalgic Memories: Disappearing Bacardi Silver

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Nostalgia sets in for another user in the thread reminiscing about the disappearance of Bacardi Silver, a beverage they used to enjoy mixing with Bacardi Gold. They express surprise at its sudden vanishing from the market, leaving no trace behind. During their college years, Bacardi Silver held a special allure, prompting the consumption of at least one six-pack per month after reaching the legal drinking age of 21.

7. Frustration: Disappearance of Specialized Websites

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A respondent bemoans the disappearance of specialized websites crafted by passionate enthusiasts dedicated to their chosen topics. They express frustration with the prevalence of generic Wikipedia articles that fail to cater to their specific niche interests. The user notes the rarity of finding a dedicated webpage only focused on a particular subject, lamenting this change.

8. Memories of Frogs in Bermuda

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Vivid memories of frogs in Bermuda during rainy days resurface for a user. They recall how riding a bike meant continuously bumping over numerous frogs scattered across the streets, specifically mentioning the presence of bullfrogs in the area. However, the user shares a more recent experience from around five years ago when they revisited Bermuda.

9. Disappointment: Disappearing Redbox Rental

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Disappointment is expressed by a user regarding the gradual disappearance of Redbox, which they consider to be the last remaining physical rental service. They express their fondness for renting movies, emphasizing the advantage of being able to watch a film before deciding whether to purchase it. The user also appreciates the appealing aspect of Redbox offering new movies at discounted prices.

10. Acid Rain: Resolved but Underreported

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The phenomenon of acid rain is brought to the forefront by a wise observer, highlighting that it was largely resolved to a tolerable level during the ’90s and early 2000s. The user expresses frustration over news outlets’ lack of coverage given to this positive outcome.

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