10 Surprising Things Women Are Better Than Men At

Men and women are, without any doubt, two different species, as both have specific roles, habits, and functions. Men can never do those things perfectly, which are generalized for women and vice versa. Let’s look at the views of people who shared their opinions about the things on which women are better than men.

1. Long Distance Cold Water Outdoor Swimming

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Women are surprisingly good at long-distance swimming than men. It’s not about the short or few-meter race. But it’s for an outdoor cold water long-distance swimming race. A commenter mentioned that it is because of the extra subcutaneous fat. Fat at your hips and thighs means your pelvis gets pulled higher in the water. Men “drag” their pelvis through the water. And it takes them more effort to swim. 

2. Pain Tolerance

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Pain tolerance is a huge thing. Men are commonly known to have a significant body mass than women. And they are also considered more vital than women. Because they pick up things around them so quickly, and for all such reasons, women are considered weaker than men. But it’s a mind-blowing fact that women have more pain tolerance than men. Giving birth is the most logical explanation for women’s high pain tolerance.

3. Finding Things Faster

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Finding things at home is a yay big task for everyone. Men turn to the house’s women whenever they cannot find something. And surprisingly, women find it so quickly when remembering where something was last or its general resting place. Women are usually better at that. This is the one spatial task that women excel at over men.

4. Hot Showers

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Hot showers are a thing for the majority of women. They tend to love hot showers so much that it amazes men. They would start from the average temperature and slowly turn it up. It would burn all the dead skin. And they will scrub off the rest of the dead skin. One commenter mentioned that “they shower so hot it can melt Tungsten.” It’s a metal with the highest melting point. 

5. Better Color Acuity

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The sense of color is better in women as compared to men. For example, statistics show that 1 in 13 men are color blind. At the same time, that number is 1 in 250 or so women. You can do a color vision test through the Farnsworth Munsell color test for fun. You arrange the boxes in each row in progressive order of hue. The lower the score, the better your color vision. Farnsworth Munsell doesn’t test colorblindness. There are other tests like Ishihara, Cambridge, etc, for that.

6. Stronger Support System

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Women usually have a much stronger support system. Especially when out of town and they come across a random woman who is drunk and crying about something. They circle the wagons, take them to the bathroom, and start hyping them up. Women have those one-night best friends. It’s some unwritten law for women to immediately bond with a woman stranger in need of a friend or a safe group because they recognize the danger of a woman staying alone.

7. Space Flights

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When enduring the ravages of long-term space flight, women are strangely better at it than men. Women lose muscle mass slower than men. However, there is no scientific explanation for this fact. But you can see many video examples of female astronauts walking after re-entry. At the same time, their male crew members have to be carried due to muscle atrophy.

8. Selflessness

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You might have met a few women in your life who set aside everything to help you at the moment. Most women leave their essential work to support their closed ones at challenging times. One commenter tells her experience that she had a friend with sporadic bone cancer. She scheduled every appointment and took her to every visit. And she behaved as her advocate when she was too worn out and mentally exhausted to fight for herself. She says, “I did this and didn’t realize until now it’s not a universal response.”

9. Target Shooting

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Many men won’t accept that women are better at target shooting than men. A range of instructors comments that it’s because of two things. Women have a lower center of mass. So at a standing position, they move less. Second, they don’t have an ego, and they listen. A person who worked at the rifle range pointed out a similar fact. He said, “Women are more patient, don’t have a big ego, and strive for perfection. Even my most avid regulars admit women outshoot them frequently”.

10. Better at Observation

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Strangely, women have better observational sense. It works strangely, like a sixth sense or something. Women would be more attentive to the potential dangers. They would sense the things before they even happen. Women pay such keen attention that men start taking them as freaks. One commenter said, “I swear my girlfriend can hear my thoughts.” It’s not something like a superpower but truly observational skills. 

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