10 Things People Think About Doing But Admit They Never Will

Here are some things people think about, knowing they will likely never do them.

1. Balancing Vacations & Responsible Saving

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A person wants to spend all their savings on a fancy vacation, but they understand the importance of being responsible with money and securing their future. This prevents them from impulsively using up all their resources on spontaneous trips.

2. Torn Between Love and Temptation

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Someone admits to considering cheating on or leaving their partner for someone they love. Despite the temptation of this new relationship, they are torn between their love for their spouse and the potential heartbreak. They constantly think about the “what if?” scenario, but ultimately, they prefer the stability and happiness they have in their current life.

3. Minimalism Challenges: Possessions & Attachments

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The concept of living a minimalist lifestyle appeals to an individual, but they understand the practical reasons that make it difficult to give up all their possessions. Emotional attachments and the recognition that items may hold value beyond their monetary worth make it challenging to embrace the minimalist dream fully.

4. School Challenges: Persevering for Growth

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The challenges and hardships of school may tempt some students to drop out, but most people understand the long-term implications. They recognize the significance of education in personal and professional growth, which motivates them to persevere through difficulties.

5. Tempted by Cybercrime: Consequences & Ethics

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A person acknowledges their fascination with the idea of working as a professional hacker or cybercriminal. However, they know the potential legal consequences and ethical concerns associated with such actions, which deters them from pursuing an unlawful career.

6. Plastic Surgery Dilemma: Risks & Acceptance

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Many individuals desire to enhance their appearance through extensive plastic surgery. However, the potential risks, costs, and importance of self-acceptance make most people reconsider extreme measures and embrace their natural selves.

7. Superhero Fantasies vs. Real-Life Limits

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While superhero fantasies exist in popular culture, someone admits that becoming a real-life superhero or vigilante is unrealistic. They understand the legal and ethical limitations that prevent them from carrying out such actions in the real world.

8. Loyalty vs. Personal Gain: Struggling With Abandonment

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Loyalty and trust are highly valued by a commenter who acknowledges thoughts of abandoning close friends or family for personal gain. However, they also recognize the importance of maintaining strong relationships and the negative impact their actions would have on the people they care about.

9. Professional Gambling: Easy Money or Risky?

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Some individuals are attracted to the idea of becoming professional gamblers due to the promise of easy money. Nevertheless, the associated risks and the realization that relying solely on luck is an unreliable source of income discourage most people from pursuing a career in gambling.

10. Rediscovering Youth: A Secret Afternoon Escape

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Yearning for carefree bliss, a participant secretly entertained the notion of sneaking away from work to relive their youth in a boisterous pub, engaging in spirited rounds of pool. Their youthful escapades danced in their memory, but the weight of responsibilities and the expectation of perpetual availability held them captive. Finally, seizing the opportunity presented by the upcoming week, they mustered the audacity for a cheeky afternoon off.

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