12 ‘Poor People’ Foods Your Parents Fed You When You Were Younger That Actually Slapped

Parents love their kids and want to feed them with the best. People who can not afford luxury food make dishes with their own recipe touch. Here are following such dishes that parents provided when kids were younger that now actually do not work.

1. Pancakes for Dinner

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One commentator stated that he had pancakes throughout his childhood. Not only his mother but also his father make good pancakes. He and all his siblings love to eat these pancakes with great delights. Sometimes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, there were only pancakes. And his mother used to say that my kids like them, so I made it in bulk. But the reality was only flour was available in their home to cook anything.

2. Pot Pies

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Pot pie is a very famous dish in the US and Canada. The same crust is used everywhere. One gentleman stated that pot pies were the only dish they were used to making frequently because the crust was available at cheap rates in their home. And the filling was always the leftover in the fridge. Sometimes it was not even chicken.

3. Local Nuggets Faked as MacDonald

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A girl shared that she was very fond of nuggets at a very young age. His father always tricked her into making her happy. He brings MacDonald’s bag from somewhere and fills local cheap nuggets. And she always eats them, considering MacDonald’s nuggets.

4. Potato in Every Dish

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Potato is a very common and favorite dish of all. One young lady shared that her mother always cooked potatoes with other things. In every dish, there was a touch of potato. After years the reason came to appear, potatoes increased the quantity of the dish. So that mother can serve the dish to all her kids. 

5. New Taste Soup Every Sunday

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A boy stated that they had a culture of making soup every Sunday in their home. Sunday was selected because it was an off day. His friends gather to play with him. And all week they eat plain food. The taste of soup every Sunday was different. His father shared the recipe later, and he made it with only available ingredients.

6. Hard Tack Biscuit

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One commentator stated that he had hard-tack biscuits in her childhood. His mother used to make it for her. It was only three ingredient recipe, water, flour, and sugar. And it was only what they could afford.

7. Sliced Bologna Sandwich

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A sliced Bologna sandwich is very popular among low-class people because it is the yummiest and cheapest sandwich ever. Only bologna slices are placed between two bread slices. A girl claimed she had this sandwich for almost five years as a kid.

8. Water Mixed With Mango Juice

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One boy shared his home story. He said we all loved mango juice available in large stores only. Once in 3 years, their father brought the big can of this juice. And their mother said that the juice is so much sweat. She adds water to it. The reason was to use the juice for more days.

9. Rice With Garden Spinach

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One boy shared that when he was a kid, they had grown vegetables in their backyard. And they used to boil rice for every meal. Green vegetables from that backyard were also boiled to mix with the rice. It was the cheapest meal of that time.

10. Homemade Pizza

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Pizza is a very common favorite thing among all kids. One boy stated that he never had any pizza from the shop. But his dad used to put ketchup and cheese on a slice. And bake it in the oven. Then sprinkle with pepperoni. It was good for that time, but it was not a pizza.

11. Boiled Noodles

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A young boy shared that boiling noodles was very common when he was five to ten years old. His mother boils the noodles to sprinkle different things on them. Sometimes black pepper and sometimes chili flakes. Noodles were available at every price at that time.

12. Fried Sliced Onion

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One participant shared his mother caring in his childhood. He stated that his mother invented a recipe for him. It was onion rings. First, cut the onion into rings, dip it into white flour, and then fry it. It was the yummiest dish, but now he knew it was the only accessible dish.

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