“All Politicians Are Big Pharma Reps” 10 Once Respectable Things People Laugh About Now

Opinions are perceptions change over time. People share some things are not as respectable as they once were.

1. American Presidency’s Diminished Esteem

Presidents Obama and Putin
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Reflecting on the waning prestige of the American Presidency, one user acknowledges the diminished respect it holds compared to its past stature. Injecting a touch of humor, another user whimsically recalls the childhood notion that anyone could become President and confesses to gradually starting to believe it, considering the current state of affairs.

2. OSHA’s Regulator Struggles

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Discussing the dwindling regard for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an individual emphasizes the organization itself is not to blame for this decline. Instead, they attribute it to the powerful lobbying efforts aimed against OSHA. The user explains how these relentless efforts have resulted in an overwhelming array of bureaucratic regulations that hinder OSHA’s ability to safeguard workers from hazardous chemical exposure effectively.

3. USPS: From Beloved to Punching Bag

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Commenting on the diminishing esteem of the United States Postal Service (USPS), a commenter attributes this decline to an extended campaign aimed at tarnishing its reputation, coupled with deliberate legislation designed to weaken the service. Drawing a striking contrast, the user vividly portrays the current perception of the USPS as a target for comedians’ jokes, in stark contrast to its previous portrayal as the organization responsible for upholding the belief in Santa Claus, as depicted in the beloved movie “Miracle on 34th Street.”

4. The Decline of Taking Sick Days

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Highlighting the shifting perception surrounding taking sick days when genuinely ill, someone points out that such behavior was revered as a sign of unwavering dedication in the past. However, the user astutely observes that the current perspective has evolved, and failing to take sick days when genuinely ill is now seen as irresponsible and potentially a liability in certain contexts, reflecting a changing workplace culture.

5. Social Media Killed Common Decency

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Bemoaning the erosion of common decency, a contributor attributes its decline to the pervasive influence of social media. They argue that these platforms have transformed interactions into a ceaseless quest for dominance and superiority, where genuine conversations have given way to heated shouting matches. They poignantly note that the victor is often determined not by the substance of their arguments but by the volume of their voice.

6. Local TV News: A Shadow of Its Former Self

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Reflecting on the diminished regard for local TV news, another user in the thread nostalgically recalls a time when it served as a trusted source of information about the community, covering both positive and negative news. However, the user laments the current state of local TV news, where the focus has shifted primarily to weather updates and the inclusion of predetermined talking points dictated by media conglomerates like Sinclair, leaving little room for comprehensive community coverage.

7. Bank Managers: From Power to Customer Service

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Remarking on the waning status of bank managers over time, a participant notes that they held significant power and influence within local communities in the past. However, the user astutely observes that the role of bank managers has evolved, with many now being perceived as glorified customer service representatives, lacking the same level of authority they once commanded.

8. Facebook’s Exclusive Marketing Strategy

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Acknowledging the undeniable impact of Facebook, one respondent confronts the initial denial surrounding its meteoric rise to popularity. They shed light on Facebook’s strategic marketing approach, leveraging exclusivity by initially limiting access to college students. The user implies that while some may downplay its early success, the deliberate use of exclusivity played a significant role in propelling Facebook to prominence.

9. Guinness Book of World Records’ Evolution

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Reflecting on the shifting perception of the Guinness Book of World Records, somebody reminisces about its former reputation as a respected compilation of extraordinary human achievements, showcasing remarkable feats. However, the user laments that its current image has transformed into a platform for quick ego boosts, primarily catering to affluent individuals with relatively trivial talents, suggesting a deviation from its original purpose.

10. Journalists’ Struggle With Clickbait

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Expressing a viewpoint on journalists while disavowing any association with right-wing “fake news” narratives, another commenter attributes the decline in journalistic quality to the influence of consumerism. They explain that the pursuit of profitability has led to the prevalence of clickbait-style content, undermining the integrity and depth of journalism. The user raises a critical concern about the impact of commercial pressures on the profession’s ability to deliver meaningful and impactful reporting.

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