“Chocolate And Cereal?” 10 Unhealthiest Things People Have Ever Done

1. Sweet and Savory Poptart Sandwich

Tasty breakfast. Young woman eating a peanut butter and raspberry jam sandwich for breakfast.
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A participant astounded everyone with an extraordinary culinary creation. They confessed to a peculiar sandwich experiment involving Pop-Tarts instead of bread slices. This unconventional masterpiece consisted of a luscious combination of peanut butter, marshmallow fluff, and Nutella. It was undoubtedly a lavish and delectable feast.

2. Chips and Dip Cereal

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During snack time, an individual showcased their innovative problem-solving skills. As they enjoyed chips and dip, they encountered a shortage of large chips perfect for scooping up the dip. Undeterred, they ingeniously mixed the remaining chips into the dip bowl and savored the amalgamation with a spoon, playfully dubbing it “chips and dip cereal.”

3. Clever Pizza Ordering Tactics

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A user shared a humorous and indulgent tale about ordering pizza for delivery. They confessed to seizing an opportunity with a “buy one get one free” promotion by pretending to place orders for non-existent housemates. They comically pretended to consult imaginary preferences before finally ordering two pizzas for themselves. With a dash of amusement, they admitted to relishing both pizzas in one sitting.

4. Hooded Chip Eating Technique

Man playing video games
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In a light-hearted manner, someone recounted their inventive approach to eating. They described turning their sweatshirt hood into a makeshift chip bowl while wearing it backward. With a blend of ingenuity and convenience, they tossed a bag of chips into the hood and continued snacking while engrossed in a video game session. They could savor the chips without diverting their attention from the game by dipping their heads inside the hood.

5. Cheese Ball Regret

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Another individual unabashedly confessed to devouring a substantial amount of cheese balls. They admitted to practically emptying an entire bucket of these cheesy delights, but after reaching satisfaction, they experienced a moment of introspection. A sense of contemplation washed over them as they sat amidst the remnants of the orange-colored snacks.

6. Artery-Clogging Burger

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A burger lover described a double hamburger with a creative twist as an indulgent gourmet masterpiece. Instead of using regular bread, they opted for grilled cheese sandwiches to encase the meat patties. The arrangement involved a grilled cheese patty at the bottom, followed by a burger patty, and topped with another. As they savored each bite, they humorously acknowledged the sensation of their arteries constricting, yet they couldn’t deny the sheer decadence of this culinary creation.

7. Bang-Bang Food Challenge

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A chef shared their experience with a fascinating dining phenomenon known as a “bang-bang.” Intrigued by a Louie episode, they embarked on a gastronomic adventure by visiting two brands and indulging in two complete meals consecutively. However, their initial enthusiasm soon gave way to understanding the consequences of their culinary triumph.

8. Overindulgent Breakfast Burritos

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Recounting a lavish encounter, another commenter confessed to devouring an outrageous number of McDonald’s breakfast burritos during a fishing trip. In the span of a single hour, they managed to consume a staggering ten of these delightful treats. Unfortunately, their excessive indulgence harmed their digestive system, leading to a rather amusing account of their subsequent restroom experience.

9. Angry Zaxby’s Double Take

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A peculiar and unsatisfactory dining experience at the southern chicken restaurant Zaxby’s was described by one user who had originally ventured there out of frustration after receiving an incorrect order from another establishment. Undeterred by the mistake, they drove to a different Zaxby’s in a nearby city and placed the exact same order, hoping for a better outcome. Regrettably, the cuisine and overall experience failed to meet their expectations once again, leaving them disappointed with both servings.

10. Oreo Cereal Extravaganza

Woman eating Cereal with Milk
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A person reminisced about a period in their past when they carried extra weight and developed a distinctive, indulgent dining routine. Their ritual involved taking a large stainless steel mixing bowl and filling it to the brim with milk. They would then pour an entire pack of Oreo cookies into the bowl to add to the extravagance. But it didn’t end there. Armed with this unusual mixture, they would find solace in their studio or in front of the television, using a pair of tongs as their preferred utensil to savor this unconventional “cereal-like” concoction.

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