“I Can’t Believe It’s Gone” 10 Important Things That Disappeared During Lockdowns We Miss

Many things are disappearing. Here are ten.

1. Vanishing Spontaneity: Nostalgia for Carefree Days

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Spontaneity had become a casualty of the outbreak, as one user reminisced. They longed for the carefree days when events were first-come, first-served, and reservations weren’t a necessity. The simple act of showing up and securing good seats without any planning had vanished, leaving a void of nostalgia.

2. Remote Work vs. Commuting: Seeking Efficiency

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Working efficiently from home had become the norm for another customer, eliminating the need for a daily commute. Although they acknowledged the impending return to commuting, they expressed a desire to continue reaping the benefits of remote work while avoiding the tiresome and time-consuming journey to the workplace.

3. Pandemic’s Impact on the 24-Hour Economy

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The impact of the pandemic on the 24-hour economy weighed heavily on a consumer who relied on late-night services. Bemoaning the early closing times of restaurants, supermarkets, and petrol stations that once catered to night shift workers, they found their routine and productivity disrupted. Completing chores during off-hours had become a struggle, affecting their daily life.

4. Lockdown Tranquility: Escaping Conflict and Showboating

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Amidst the lockdown, one person discovered an unexpected sense of relief. They found solace in the absence of family conflicts and social media showboating that often accompanied visits from distant relatives. As interactions resumed in the post-pandemic world, they yearned for the tranquility and peacefulness of those lockdown days, where families kept their status games to themselves.

5. Discontent With Pandemic Response

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Another user expressed discontent with their country’s handling of the global pandemic, expecting a coordinated effort to save lives and reform healthcare systems. They felt let down by the administration’s lack of a comprehensive and well-coordinated response. Their initial enthusiasm waned, leaving them dissatisfied with how the situation was managed.

6. Farewell to the Budget Cinema: Cultural Loss

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While reminiscing, someone mourned the loss of their beloved local budget cinema, feeling a tinge of melancholy. The cinema served as an entertainment hub, offering low-cost tickets and exclusive screenings of classic films, fostering community engagement. The absence of this accessible and enjoyable outing left a cultural void in their life.

7. Lack of Compassion: Witnessing Callousness

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Witnessing callousness during the pandemic shocked one participant, leading them to voice their dismay. They lamented the prioritization of self-interest over the needs of others, observing a diminishing sense of belonging and support. The lack of compassion displayed by some people during times of adversity disheartened them.

8. Doubts on Humanity: Fragile Compassion in Crisis

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The pandemic sparked doubts about humanity’s survival for a commenter. Seeing people unwilling to tolerate minor inconveniences for the safety and well-being of others eroded their trust. The contempt for the vulnerable and the reluctance to take simple preventive measures disillusioned them, questioning the assumed compassion and empathy inherent in human nature.

9. Embracing Outdoors: Shared Responsibility

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The outbreak increased outdoor activities, as recalled by an individual. They fondly remembered seeing more people walking, cycling, jogging, and adhering to social distancing while enjoying the outdoors. The sense of camaraderie and shared responsibility accompanying this collective commitment to being active and upholding safety rules was sorely missed.

10. Canada’s Housing Crisis: Soaring Costs, Stagnant Salaries

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Concerns arose for a respondent regarding the steep rise in housing costs compared to stagnant salaries in a specific Canadian province. They highlighted the significant increase in the price of starter homes within a few years, making it challenging for many prospective homeowners to afford a place to live. The growing disparity between income and housing expenses drew attention to the arduous housing market and the limited affordability for those aspiring to own a home.

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