“I Won’t Go For $10,000” 10 Places People Swear They’ll Never Visit

There are some places people don’t want to visit.

1. Nigeria

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An individual shared their apprehensions about traveling to Nigeria, expressing concerns about safety and the high crime rates in the country. According to them, Nigeria has gained a reputation as one of the most dangerous destinations for foreigners, with a significant risk of becoming a target due to the overall levels of criminal activity.

2. Madrid in July/August

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Madrid during July or August is not an attractive prospect for one traveler. They voiced their discontent with what they called “idiot tourists” and obligatory visitors who populated the city during that period. Their primary reason for disliking the idea of vacationing there during those months is the scorching heat, which they find unsuitable for a pleasant holiday experience.

3. Weston-Super-Mare

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The idea of visiting Weston-super-Mare, a coastal town in England, fails to capture the interest of a particular individual. Light-heartedly, they humorously commented that the sea only graces the area once a month, implying that the town lacks the vibrant and lively atmosphere commonly associated with beach destinations. This perception has led them to decide against vacationing there.

4. North Korea

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Strong advice against visiting North Korea comes from a concerned digital nomad highlighting several reasons for their stance. They expressed worries about the exorbitant costs associated with a short stay in the country, where visitors have limited access to various attractions. Furthermore, they raise the ethical dilemma of supporting a regime they perceive as vile, as the funds generated from tourism contribute to the regime’s activities. Consequently, they firmly believe that North Korea should be avoided as a vacation destination.

5. Dubai

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Dubai fails to entice one explorer as a potential vacation spot. According to them, visiting Dubai mainly entails witnessing shiny buildings and being surrounded predominantly by ex-pats and tourists. They feel that the city lacks the opportunity to immerse oneself in the local culture and traditions, which they consider an essential aspect of a fulfilling vacation. As a result, they adamantly swear never to choose Dubai as a vacation destination, favoring places that offer a more authentic cultural experience.

6. Mos Eisley Spaceport

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Playfully, one sightseer jokingly asserts that they would never venture to Mos Eisley Spaceport, a fictional location from the Star Wars universe. They humorously describe it as a “wretched hive of scum and villainy,” playfully quoting from the movies. Their comment suggests that, despite its fictional nature, the reputation of Mos Eisley Spaceport implies that it is not an ideal destination for vacation due to its negative associations.

7. Bakersfield, CA

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Bakersfield, California, fails to capture a traveler’s interest in seeking a vacation destination. They question the allure of central California for leisure purposes, specifically mentioning Bakersfield and Fresno. They wonder about the activities or attractions one can engage in, with the Underground Gardens being the only minor point of interest mentioned. They suggest that the primary appeal of visiting Bakersfield might be its proximity to Yosemite National Park, implying the city may not offer many vacation experiences.

8. Democratic Republic of the Congo

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A strong aversion towards visiting the Democratic Republic of the Congo is expressed by a vacationer, citing the troubled state of the country as the main reason. They characterize it as a “really messed up” country and firmly state their personal unwillingness to travel there. The user likely refers to the various challenges and issues faced by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, including political instability, armed conflicts, and humanitarian crises, contributing to their decision to avoid it as a vacation destination.

9. Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge

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Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge in Tennessee do not receive favorable reviews from dissatisfied globetrotter individuals who consider them to be massive tourist traps. As a local resident, they provide an alternative perspective, emphasizing that the area caters to a stereotypical portrayal of “white trash” Appalachian culture and offers overpriced merchandise like fake moonshine and western wear. To truly appreciate the beauty of the Appalachian region, the user suggests exploring other locations such as Harrogate and Cumberland Gap or visiting Maggie Valley in North Carolina. They also recommend a trip to Johnson City for a more fulfilling experience.

10. Maldives

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Concerns about the Maldives as a vacation destination are raised by one backpacker, who emphasizes the lack of awareness and discussion regarding human rights violations occurring in the country. They express disappointment that many tourists enjoy their drinks within the confines of tourist-gated communities while the local inhabitants face oppression and challenges. While acknowledging the beauty of the beaches, this traveler finds it difficult to ignore the ethical concerns, making them hesitant to choose the Maldives as their vacation spot.

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