“I’m Never Having Kids” 10 Judgmental Things People Think When They See Children Throwing A Tantrum in Public

When kids cause a scene in public, some people are less than understanding.

1. Understanding Children’s Meltdowns

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Recognizing that meltdowns are a natural part of children’s development, one understands that their still-developing egos may make it challenging to handle real-life stresses, leading to overwhelming emotions. In these instances, the user believes that preventing these outbursts may be difficult, as there might not be much that can be done to stop them from occurring.

2. Leaving Tantrums: Immediate Action

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When a child throws a tantrum, one user suggests that it would be beneficial for parents to leave the situation immediately. They propose informing the child, “If you don’t behave, we’re going home,” as a way to help them comprehend the consequences of their behavior and potentially react differently when they become upset in a store or public place. However, the user acknowledges that abruptly leaving may not always be feasible.

3. Discipline Debate: Physical Punishment

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While acknowledging their initial frustration upon witnessing a child misbehave in public, one respondent expresses that physical punishment can effectively discipline children, believing that pain is a potent teacher. However, they also acknowledge the ongoing debate surrounding the use of physical punishment and recognize that alternative disciplinary methods focusing on positive reinforcement and communication exist.

4. Empathy and Frustration: Public Behavior

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Sharing their experience of witnessing a child’s disruptive behavior in public, an individual feels empathy and compassion towards a young child, understanding that they often struggle to control their emotions. However, their perspective shifts regarding a spoiled child who cannot handle not getting what they want.

5. Unraveling Tantrums: Seeking the Cause

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When observing a child’s outburst in public, a commenter’s primary focus is understanding the underlying cause. They consider factors such as fatigue, hunger, or overstimulation, as these conditions often contribute to emotional outbursts in children. If none of these factors are at play, the user becomes curious about the specific circumstances that triggered the tantrum.

6. Frustration and Compassion: Child’s Struggle

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Describing their frustration and exhaustion upon witnessing a child’s disruptive behavior in public, another user candidly admits their own weariness of being in such situations. Despite their initial reaction, they also express sympathy for both the parent and the child involved. Recognizing the overwhelming emotions experienced by a child, given their small size, the user understands the reasons behind the child’s intense emotional response.

7. Tantrum’s Significance: Childhood Challenges

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Expressing pessimism, someone addresses a child directly, suggesting that their current difficulties pale compared to the challenges they will encounter as they grow older. According to the user, the child’s current tantrum is insignificant compared to the future hardships they will face.

8. Humorous Reactions: Surprising Tantrums

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Responding humorously to witnessing a child’s tantrum in public, one person jokingly exaggerates their reaction by humorously claiming that their ovaries “shrivel up and die” upon seeing the tantrum.

9. Tantrums and Future Behavior: Predicting Character

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One respondent expresses concern about a child’s future behavior after witnessing their tantrum in public, indicating that their current behavior indicates them becoming a jerk as adults, suggesting that their actions during childhood might be a reliable predictor of their character in the future.

10. Frustration Unleashed: Dealing With Tantrums

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Describing their typical response when witnessing a child’s disruptive behavior in public, somebody mentions growing frustrated or annoyed, often accompanied by an exasperated “Uggh” nine out of ten times. However, there are instances when the tantrum becomes particularly severe or distressing, causing the user to become even more irritated and exclaim, “Calm your kid down!”

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