In These 12 Cases, It’s Acceptable to Shame Parents Over the Names of Their Kids

The first gift that parents can provide their kids is a good name. But some parents want to experiment with new and insane names for their kids. On an online platform, people share nouns (names) that can not be accepted as humane names.

1. Gandalf

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A man stated that his coworker was always facing fun because of his name. His name was Gandalf. Gandalf was a fictional wizard character in Tolkien’s movie. This name was very popular in the 1970s. He was born in this era. His parents were fond of this movie and Tolkien’s storytelling books. Thus they named him after a wizard.

2. Tom and Jerry

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A girl shared a funny story about her family. She stated that there were twin brothers born in her uncle’s house. The one name was decided, Thomas. The other name was still to be found. They took them to the pastor. He called them, at first look, Tom and Jerry. Parents decided to take these names. Now they both hate these names.

3. 14 Names

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A girl shared a bizarre story. She stated that her friend’s parents met in the 1960s. And they were hippies. They practice a lot of religions. When her friend was born, he was named with 14 names. Each name was chosen from every religion. At school registration and job application, all his 14 names are mentioned.

4. Erotica

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A man stated that he worked in an agency that deals with children. He came across different and illogical names. The most absurd name he had heard till now was erotica. The definition of erotica is the literature and art of sexual-related activities. He added no one can choose a bad name more than this.

5. X and Z

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An old lady shared that her niece and her husband had three kids. And when she got pregnant again, it appeared to be twin kids. They never wanted more than four kids. Thus, when the twin baby brothers were born, they named them with letters only. The letters were X and Z . This was to show they were the last babies of their family.

6. Baldric

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One couple shared that they named their son Baldric after watching the four seasons of Blackadder. They thought it would sound cool and unique. Baldric was the fictional character servant of Lord Blackadder. But now their son does not like this name. And they do not regret giving them a name.

7. Manly

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One participant commented that his childhood friend was named Manly. And this name was discussed as a joke in their friend circle. And every time he complained about this to his parents. But they do not even consider this complaint. Manly means having the characteristics of being a man. If he is a man, why announce it every single time?

8. Dexter

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A boy named Dexter stated that his father named him. And he is not going to forgive his father for that illogical name. Dexter means related or towards the right-hand side. He added throughout his life; he has been clearing the meaning of his name to people. And consistently get failed.

9. Toddler

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Toddler means a kid who has started or learned to walk after the crawling phase. We call the kid a toddler when he is in this phase. But giving him this name as his name for a lifetime is the most insane thing ever. One boy shared that he feels shame while mentioning his name in front of people. But his parents are still proud of it.

10. April, May June

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A participant girl shared that her best friend was named April May June. It was because of her arrival complications in the world. First, she was expected to be born in the last days of April. Then it was delayed to the middle of May. But she was born on 2 June. Thus she named so to remember this. Her friends called her Spring.

11. Cassiopeia

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It was shared by a young girl whose name is Cassiopeia. The meaning of the name is good enough. But the origin and pronunciation is very complicated. The name is not common; thus, people take time to get this. Cassiopeia is the constellation in the sky that makes a rough W. His father was an astronomer; that’s why she got that name.

12. Loki

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A name is the first gift given by parents. A mother shared that she and her husband decided she would name her if it were to be a girl. And if it were to be a boy, he would name him. And it was a baby boy. He named it Loki. It means the god of evil and mischief. She still regrets offering her husband to select the name. 

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