These 10 Things Could Actually Improve America

Making America Great Again has been said by many. But how can one improve such a large nation? Here are ten opinions about how to do it.

1. Proportional Representation for Fairer Society

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Arguing for a shift from the first-past-the-post voting system, a user asserts that adopting a proportional representation model could lead to a more equitable and balanced society, minimizing the influence of corporate interests.

2. Government Working for the People

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Regardless of political affiliation, another individual firmly believes that America can regain greatness by prioritizing the needs of its citizens and ensuring that the government serves them effectively. They emphasize the importance of placing the populace’s interests at the forefront.

3. Undoing Corporate Influence on Government

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In the pursuit of making America great again, one person proposes rectifying the consequences of the past four decades, where corporate profits have driven political and economic development. They emphasize the need to reverse the modifications made during the Reagan administration and prioritize the populace’s needs over those of corporations.

4. Job Requirements and Opportunities

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Highlighting the importance of establishing robust employment standards, a keen observer shares a personal experience of being rejected for a construction flagger job due to lacking a GED. However, they stress that despite this setback, they were able to progress to a supervisory position at the world’s largest courier business. This anecdote underscores the significance of offering opportunities based on individuals’ abilities and potential rather than rigid educational requirements.

5. Opposition To Private Prisons

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Strongly opposing the concept, a wise individual vehemently argues against the existence of private prisons. They express concerns about the profit-driven nature of such institutions, which they believe introduces negative incentives into a system that should prioritize rehabilitation over monetary gain. The user emphasizes that prisons should be seen as an expense, not a source of profit, and expresses the view that the current system already faces enough challenges without introducing further complexities that could harm people’s lives.

6. Revising Fees and Fines System

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Suggesting a redistribution of fees and penalties associated with specific offenses, someone advocates against allowing the issuing authority to retain these earnings. They extend this sentiment to a wide range of sanctions, including speeding tickets and EPA infractions, specifically highlighting civil asset forfeiture. The user either calls for the complete abolition of this practice or ensures that the proceeds do not benefit the jurisdiction that initiated the action.

7. Advocating for Labor Rights

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Emphasizing the significance of labor rights, one respondent attributes a significant step toward America’s greatness to the New Deal, a set of measures implemented during the mid-20th century to address the challenges posed by the Great Depression. According to the comment, the emphasis placed on upholding and promoting workers’ rights during this period played a crucial role in propelling the nation forward.

8. Tying Politicians’ Benefits to Minimum Wage

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Proposing a system to increase accountability, a contributor suggests tying politicians’ pay and benefits to Medicare and the minimum wage. This implies that elected officials should receive compensation and healthcare benefits equivalent to those of their constituents. The user argues that such a measure would incentivize lawmakers to strive for the welfare and well-being of the general population.

9. Addressing Food Deserts and Employment

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One commenter suggested using incentives, particularly for high-quality grocery chains, to entice these corporations to build additional sites in redlined regions. Acknowledging the challenges these communities face, often referred to as “food deserts,” regarding employment opportunities and access to nutritious food, the user believes that incentivizing businesses to invest in these areas can help alleviate economic inequalities and improve food accessibility.

10. Resources for Those Near Poverty Line

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Underscoring the importance of providing assistance and resources to individuals just above the poverty line, one individual highlights the vital role these people play in maintaining societal functioning, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The comment questions the notion that low-paying people should be deprived of simple pleasures like owning a cell phone or enjoying a Starbucks coffee. The user firmly opposes the idea that employment status or means of subsistence should limit access to necessities or minor luxuries.

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