“OK Boomer – You’re So Wrong” Advice Gen Z Doesn’t Want To Hear

Boomers and Gen Z have quite an interesting relationship. Here are 10 pieces of advice Boomers have been telling Gen Z.

1. Owning Up to Influence on the Young

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It’s not fair when older generations criticize younger people for societal issues without acknowledging their own role in shaping the attitudes and behaviors of the next generation, according to one frustrated commentator. They believe that blaming young people for issues that previous generations helped create is unjust.

2. Tech Skills vs. Fixing Everything

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A tech-savvy person expressed their annoyance with the common complaint from boomers that younger generations cannot fix anything themselves. However, the individual also noted that boomers often rely on younger people for help with technology-related issues, highlighting the different skill sets of each generation.

3. Stuck in a Rut With Hard Work

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The hardworking employee is fed up with the outdated advice to “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and work harder. They’re already putting in over 60 hours a week, but their pay remains stagnant while prices keep rising. They’re stuck in poverty, unable to switch jobs or even buy a more fuel-efficient car. Though they’re making progress, they need a miracle to escape their situation. College is no longer affordable, with skyrocketing costs.

4. Respect Individual Timelines

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Annoyed by the constant questioning from boomers about their marital status, one Redditor wishes that older generations would understand that everyone has their own timelines and priorities in life. They find the question intrusive and feel judged for not conforming to societal norms, explaining that they will get married when they find someone they deem worthy.

5. Defense of Video Games

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The avid gamer is tired of hearing boomers say video games are a waste of time. They find it ironic that someone sitting on the couch scrolling on their phone with Fox News playing in the background criticizes video games. The gamer argues that video games can be a form of entertainment and even a source of income for some people.

6. Gen Z’s Work Ethic Misunderstood

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The hard-working employee expressed their frustration with the common advice of “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” and to work harder, which is often given by older generations to Gen Z. They explained that they are already working over 60 hours a week, but prices keep rising while their pay remains stagnant. They cannot afford to change jobs, living situations or even buy a more fuel-efficient car. They are trapped in poverty, and despite slowly progressing, it will be a long time before they can escape it without a magical opportunity appearing. The cost of college has skyrocketed and is no longer as affordable as it used to be.

7. Progress vs. Criticism

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A visionary expressed frustration with older generations who complain that younger generations have it too easy. They argue that progress is about making life easier for the next generation, and it’s unfair to criticize them for it.

8. Housing Affordability Challenges

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The ambitious worker expressed frustration towards boomers who told them to work harder to afford a house. They pointed out that the circumstances are different now, and they don’t make the same amount of money as the older generation. The boomers had an easier time affording a house because they earned a higher salary, which is not the case for the younger generation.

9. Breaking Stereotypes With Respect

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The confident young adult is tired of hearing outdated comments from older generations. When their boyfriend’s father made a sexist remark about men drinking tea, it was clear that some people lacked respect for others. These comments are unacceptable and show a need for greater understanding and open-mindedness.

10. Autonomy in Beliefs for Gen Xer

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A 55-year-old Gen Xer expressed their annoyance with their parents’ constant advice to find a good church home. Despite being in their mid-50s, the independent thinker’s parents still push their religious beliefs onto them, causing frustration and a desire for more autonomy in their own beliefs.

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