“Plane Crashes And Death, They Deserve to Be Canceled” 10 Big Company Failures We Forgot About

1. JC Penney’s Pricing Strategy Backfires

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JC Penney attempted to modernize its pricing strategy by eliminating ongoing deals and discounts in favor of a “fair and square” pricing plan, but their decision to consistently offer low prices and set clear prices without the usual $0.99 intervals proved unsuccessful. The sudden change bewildered customers accustomed to discounts, resulting in decreased sales and alienation of their target audience.

2. BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster

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A user described the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion as one of history’s most devastating environmental disasters. Its severe impact on wildlife, marine ecosystems, and coastlines triggered public outrage and legal disputes. BP’s handling of the incident garnered criticism and highlighted the urgent need for stricter safety protocols in offshore drilling operations.

3. Gerald Ratner’s Damaging Comment

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The former chain chairman Gerald Ratner caused significant harm to the business with his ill-advised comment dismissing one of its products as “total crap.” This public relations blunder hastened the company’s downfall, resulting in substantial financial losses and the closure of numerous US and UK stores.

4. Nokia’s Failure To Adapt

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Once a market leader, Nokia failed to adapt to the changing landscape of the mobile phone industry, specifically the rise of smartphones and the emergence of Android devices. By stubbornly sticking to its own operating system instead of embracing Android, Nokia experienced a decline in market share, allowing competitors to surpass them. Their inability to anticipate and adjust to shifting market demands proved detrimental to the company.

5. Wizards of the Coast’s PR Blunder

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Someone criticized Wizards of the Coast for mishandling the open gaming license, leading several businesses to separate and develop rival games. The company’s actions caused content providers to leave and alienated its fan base, resulting in a loss of support and confidence. This public relations blunder damaged Wizards of the Coast’s reputation and created an opportunity for rival companies to capitalize on the situation.

6. Boeing’s 737 Max Crisis

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Boeing’s serious error with the 737 Max airplane was brought to attention by another individual. The company’s failure to prioritize important safety concerns became evident after two accidents occurred. Their slow response and inadequate action raised doubts about Boeing’s commitment to passenger safety, resulting in a tragic loss of life and severe damage to the company’s brand and moral integrity.

7. Victorian Taxi Association’s Social Media Nightmare

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The Victorian Taxi Association’s ill-fated social media marketing strategy, intended to promote positive experiences, backfired as disgruntled users flooded the hashtag with stories of price increases, negative encounters, and even sexual assaults. The attempt to boost the taxi sector transformed into a public relations disaster, revealing the association’s tarnished reputation and widespread customer dissatisfaction.

8. Game of Thrones Dark Episode Fiasco

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Game of Thrones received criticism from a viewer for mishandling a highly anticipated episode. They claim that the program, which was supposed to be a landmark moment in television history, fell short due to excessive darkness. The decision to present the episode with minimal visibility frustrated viewers and hindered their ability to appreciate the visuals fully. The subsequent explanation advising viewers to replace their TVs further angered fans and intensified their discontent.

9. Flash Movie Controversy

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A commenter highlights a controversial statement made by a filmmaker involved in the Flash movie. Reports suggest that the director implied the film’s brilliance would overshadow any prior controversies involving actor Ezra Miller, thus downplaying the significance of accountability. This statement sparked controversy and ignited discussions about ethics in the entertainment industry, raising concerns about prioritizing a movie’s success over addressing unethical behavior.

10. Sears’ Strategic Blunders

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Sears’ strategic blunders, including the sale of Coldwell Banker and the spin-off of important companies like Dean Witter and Allstate, are brought to attention by a user. The decision to divide the company’s holdings weakened its overall position and diluted its brand. Additionally, Sears introduced the Discover Card through Dean Witter before the split. These missteps had long-lasting effects and played a role in the company’s downfall within the retail industry.

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