“Private Jet For Me, No Gas Stove For You” 10 Outrageous Things ‘Environmentalists’ Have Said

Sometimes actions and words don’t line up. Here are ten things environmentalists have said that make us scratch our head.

1. The Dilemma of Wasted Food and Weight

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The restaurant industry can lead to a sense of guilt regarding food waste, as one person shared about their friend’s experience. Despite not being hungry, their friend would consume all the leftover scraps and errors to minimize trash, viewing it as a way to reduce waste. Unfortunately, this strategy hindered their weight loss goals since they were already overweight, resulting in a different kind of wastefulness. Their disappointment extended beyond the environment to concern for their own body.

2. Vegetarians Shamed for Environmental Impact

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Another commenter encountered an unjust punishment for their choice to be a vegetarian, facing the absurd allegation that their diet negatively impacted the environment due to the absence of cows, which are known to release greenhouse gases. Moreover, they were accused of contributing to global famine by allegedly consuming food that should have been reserved for the cows. The person found these comments both foolish and unwarranted, highlighting the ridiculousness of the environmentalists’ claims.

3. Hunting: A Matter of Humane Choice

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Criticism arose when a person shared their hunting experience and was condemned for owning a gun while others did not. In response, they offered a perspective from the deer’s point of view, asserting that being shot by a hunter was more favorable than being speared to death by someone clad in primitive attire. They emphasized the disparity between the process of acquiring meat and its convenience in stores, expressing irritation at the notion that purchasing meat from a grocery store was morally superior.

4. Fenced Privacy and Accusations of Waste

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A participant constructed a high privacy fence around their yard to ensure their dog’s safety and prevent neighborhood animals from entering. Surprisingly, a neighbor remarked on their use of “virgin wood” in the fence’s construction, deeming it wasteful in the modern era. The user felt perplexed by the comment, unsure of its meaning. They also mentioned other neighbors expressing displeasure due to the amount of trash they disposed of weekly, making them feel unwanted in the community. This encounter added to their bewilderment.

5. Challenging the Notion of Harm-Free Meat

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One individual faced criticism and condemnation for their hunting activities, being told it was cruel and advised to buy meat from the grocery store instead. The commenter described the user as a high school dropout in an additional comment, further detracting from the original post.

6. Environmentalist’s Confusion at the Apple Store

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Another voice chimed in and shared an interesting incident they overheard at the Apple store. A woman approached the employees with an unusual question, seeking clarification on the new Macbooks while emphasizing her environmentalist stance. The woman’s query humorously implied that turning off the device was somehow environmentally beneficial, eliciting amusement from the user.

7. Bike Chain Oil vs. Car Emissions Debate

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One user encountered an individual who proposed driving a car instead of riding a bike due to concerns about the environmental impact of chain oil. However, this person overlooked that car emissions have a significantly higher ecological impact and believed that chain oil used for maintaining bikes was detrimental to the environment. The comment left the user puzzled, as it disregarded the overall advantages of cycling as a sustainable and environmentally friendly mode of transportation.

8. The Paradox of Veganism and Caesar Salad

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During a lunchtime conversation, a girl mentioned being vegan but ordered a Caesar salad, prompting another person to inquire about the anchovy, egg, and cheese typically found in Caesar dressing. The girl seemed unaware of these components, mistakenly thinking that a Caesar salad only contained lettuce and that the cheese was not derived from milk. Realizing the lack of knowledge about veganism and its dietary restrictions, the user disengaged from the conversation.

9. Raising a Vegetarian Dog: A Questionable Choice

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A respondent shared a story about their vegan cousin and her boyfriend, who chose to raise their dog as a vegetarian. Unfortunately, it became apparent that the dog’s health was suffering. The boyfriend attempted to defend their choice by mentioning that wolves and canines consume vegetarian creatures like rabbits, and they eat the intestines and organs to access undigested vegetation.

10. Diesel Truck and Prius Clash in Berkeley

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In a Berkeley event, a Prius driver confronted a contributor who chastised them for driving a large Dodge diesel truck. Responding sarcastically, the user defiantly made a middle finger gesture and jokingly emitted a cloud of what they sarcastically referred to as “clean French fry smoke.” They clarified that they had recently fueled their truck with b99, a form of biodiesel, at Berkeley’s eco station.

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