“Rent Is 60% Of My Paycheck” 10 ‘Normal’ Things 30 Years Ago And They Are Luxuries Today

Many things change throughout time. Here are several things that have become luxuries in only a few decades.

1. Clothing Quality Shift: Durability Fades, Sagging Prevails

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Reflecting on the past three decades, one individual contemplates the notable shift in clothing quality. They fondly recall garments from the 90s. Some even passed down from their mother in the 80s have retained their durability to this day. However, a tinge of sadness fills their voice as they express their gratitude if their shirts manage to maintain their shape for a mere year, as sagging has become a common occurrence in recent times.

2. The Luxury of Friday Nights: From Routine to Rarity

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A commenter takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about a time when Friday night outings after work were a regular part of their lifestyle, easily fitting within their financial means. They ponder how this once ordinary routine has now transformed into a luxury, a treat to be enjoyed sparingly.

3. Family Vacations: Once Common, Now Extravagant

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Nostalgia fills the words of an individual as they share their family’s past traditions of embarking on yearly vacations outside their local area, spanning from 4 to 10 days. Regrettably, they note that such extended getaways have now transitioned from commonplace to extravagant indulgence.

4. Affordable Fare Fades: Farmers Markets and Rising Prices

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Fond memories resurface as a savvy user recalls the affordability of produce and baked goods at the farmer’s market in earlier times. They fondly reminisce about an era when everything was reasonably priced, devoid of the additional labels of “organic” or “artisan” that now come attached with a higher price tag.

5. Steady Pensions: A Lifeline Across Generations

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The benefits of a company-funded pension plan in the private sector become the focus of one individual’s reflections. They illustrate this through the story of their wife’s grandmother, who retired from a local health insurance company over three decades ago and continues to receive a steady pension. Despite the company’s subsequent acquisition by a larger organization, the pension has provided her with a modest yet dependable income, affording her a comfortable and independent life even at 91.

6. Wing Nights: A Pricey Memory of Affordable Delights

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A sense of wistfulness sets in as a user vividly recalls the affordability and abundance of chicken wings in bygone days. They joyfully mention the widely popular 25-cent wing nights held at numerous establishments, where copious amounts of wings could be purchased at an exceptionally reasonable price. Their mind drifts back to a time when a substantial bag of wings for smoking could be procured for less than $10, and even $20 was sufficient to host a gathering where each person could relish 20 wings or more.

7. Technology vs. Deception: Innocence Lost

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An individual reflects on the vanishing art of playful deception among friends during childhood days on the playground. Recently, while conversing with their nephew, they experienced an eye-opening moment that underscored how times have changed. Recounting an incident where their nephew’s friend told an obvious lie, the user reveals that instead of engaging in clever banter, everyone reached for their brand-new iPhones to fact-check the falsehood.

8. Pork Belly’s Transformation: From Cheap to Gourmet

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Another contributor delves into the transformative journey of pork belly, once an overlooked and inexpensive cut of meat, to its current status as a highly sought-after delicacy. They reminisce about a time when pork belly was regarded as a low-value food item, often discarded or sold at meager costs to those less fortunate. However, a notable change in perspective unfolded as affluent individuals began to appreciate the culinary potential of this cut, especially when prepared by those with humble means.

9. Nostalgia for Personal Service: Dialing the Past

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Memories of a bygone era resurface as one individual fondly recalls a time when dialing a business meant connecting with a live person on the other end of the line. Longingly, they yearn for the days when customer service relationships were more intimate and personal. They reminisce about the immediacy of real-time dialogues, where a human agent would offer prompt support or information, starkly contrasting the automated systems and prerecorded messages prevalent today.

10. Introverts’ Privacy Lost: The Impact of Cell Phones

In the days before cell phones and the plethora of online communication tools, one respondent vividly remembers the simplicity of avoiding social encounters. They specifically mention the luxury of not answering the landline phone, giving the impression of being unreachable or away from home, thereby allowing introverts to safeguard their privacy and evade potentially awkward situations. However, the advent of cell phones, texting, and online status markers has made it increasingly challenging for introverts to elude social involvement, as these technologies have become ubiquitous.

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