10 Legal Things That May Be Illegal Within A Decade

There are some things that are legal now that may not be in the future.

1. Smoking Cigarettes: A Potential Future Ban

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With an eye toward the future, one user boldly predicts the eventual prohibition of cigarette smoking. Drawing inspiration from New Zealand’s progressive actions, where a ban on smoking for minors has already been implemented, they envision a world where smoking is deemed illegal in more locations, emphasizing the ongoing shift towards prioritizing health and protecting the well-being of future generations.

2. Alcohol Advertising: Potential for Legal Restrictions

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In a thought-provoking statement, one person shares their belief that the current form of alcohol advertising is on a collision course with legality. They shed light on the detrimental health consequences and staggering casualties associated with alcohol consumption. Critiquing the pervasive presence of alcohol sections in local shops, accompanied by enticing advertisements that seemingly promote alcohol as a necessary ingredient for relaxation and fun, they envision a future where stringent regulations limit or even outlaw alcohol advertising altogether.

3. Retirement Age: Anticipated Increase

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Anticipating a significant transformation in the concept of retirement, an individual points out the shifting landscape of pension eligibility in various countries. With the retirement age steadily rising, exemplified by their own country’s retirement age of 67, they predict that the age requirement may surpass 70 within the next two decades. This projection reflects a changing societal dynamic where traditional notions of retirement are challenged, potentially reshaping how we approach life’s later stages.

4. Guns in Canada: Potential for Tighter Regulations

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Expressing apprehension about the future of civilian gun ownership in Canada, a commenter highlights a perceived negative stance from the government towards gun ownership. Citing ongoing efforts to restrict access to firearms, they raise concerns about potential future legislation that may further limit gun ownership rights. This perspective underscores the evolving conversation surrounding gun control and the potential for increased regulation in the future.

5. American Food Ingredients: Potential Future Prohibitions

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In a thought-provoking analysis, someone speculates on the future prohibition of certain additives in American food. They draw attention to mounting scientific research highlighting the potential health risks associated with commonly used food additives. Focusing on substances like high fructose corn syrup and their known carcinogenic effects, they suggest that legislative action or growing consumer awareness could prohibit these additives, emphasizing food safety and well-being.

6. Homelessness: Potential Future Illegality

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Expressing a mix of concern and recognition of societal complexities, a contributor contemplates the possibility of homelessness being made illegal in the future. While acknowledging that homelessness is not a choice, they point out existing laws that indirectly criminalize homelessness unless individuals seek refuge. The user is also mindful of the challenges homeless shelters face, highlighting the multifaceted nature of addressing homelessness within the legal framework.

7. Water Extraction: Restrictions on Natural Sources

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Foreseeing potential future restrictions, a respondent raises an intriguing possibility: the prohibition of accessing natural water sources outside of those designated for for-profit businesses. Expressing concerns about current water extraction methods, they suggest that stricter rules may be implemented to limit access to natural water sources, with exceptions potentially reserved only for profit-driven enterprises. This perspective highlights the evolving conversations surrounding water conservation and resource management.

8. Death Penalty: Potential for Abolishment

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Delving into the realm of criminal justice, another user in the thread ponders the eventual abolishment of the death penalty. Acknowledging the global trend of countries prohibiting capital punishment, they speculate on the possibility of additional nations following suit in the coming years. While not taking a strong personal stance on the issue, they recognize the potential for a shift toward a world where the death penalty is no longer legal.

9. History Channel Content: Relevance to History

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With a discerning eye on media content, somebody envisions future adjustments to the programming on the History Channel. Reflecting on the current availability of non-historical programming, they predict that content diverging from the channel’s original focus may face restrictions or be phased out. This observation taps into the ever-evolving landscape of television and the potential reevaluation of programming choices to align more closely with the channel’s intended historical emphasis.

10. Sports Betting in the U.S.: Future Legal Concerns

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Expressing skepticism about the future of sports betting in the U.S., one user highlights Europe’s growing recognition of its harmful effects. They posit that as awareness of the potential negative consequences of sports betting increases, legislative action may be taken to limit or even outlaw the activity within the next two decades. This viewpoint emphasizes the societal implications of gambling and the potential for regulatory changes to safeguard public well-being.

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