10 Obvious Things Things Men Have to Explain To Women

Explaining that thing that should be common knowledge. We’ve all been there.

1. Star Wars Assumptions Shattered

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A former coworker who believed the Star Wars universe was limited to the movies was surprised when the employee delved into the Expanded Universe, mentioning characters like Tahiri and The New Rebellion. The coworker, left speechless, quickly retreated, realizing their assumptions were shattered.

2. Misguided Sports Channel Explanation

Woman watching tv
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In a comical encounter, a man unknowingly tried to explain a sports channel as a male-exclusive domain, unaware that the person he spoke to had worked there as an intern. Rather than bursting his bubble, the individual decided to play along, allowing the man to maintain his misguided belief about sports being solely for men.

3. Customer’s Bread Definition Amusement

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While working at a market stall selling Irish soda bread, someone found amusement in a customer’s attempt to define the bread, oblivious to the fact that they were conversing with the actual vendor. The person couldn’t help but grin at the customer’s incorrect explanation, knowing they were the true expert on the subject.

4. Challenging Height Assumption

Height Difference Couple
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During a conversation where it was claimed that women would always be shorter than men, another user promptly countered this assumption by pointing out the numerous examples of tall women and short men. Using humor, they sarcastically asked if the person had ever stepped outside and observed the diverse range of human heights.

5. Going Along With Civilization Origin

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A humorous encounter unfolded when someone confidently asserted that civilization originated in Ancient Greece. The person engaged in a conversation to explore the individual’s viewpoint further, only to be surprised by the response that civilization actually began with cavemen. Rather than challenging this belief, the person decided to go along with it, allowing the individual to maintain their staunch conviction.

6. Defying Gender Stereotypes in Games

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A woman recounted an unusual experience where a man attempted to dissuade her from playing Red Dead Redemption 2, claiming it was a game only for cowboys with firearms. Undeterred, the woman confidently refuted his baseless statement, describing her enjoyment of the game’s full experience, which included riding horses, rescuing friends, and carrying out bank robberies. This encounter emphasized the importance of defying gender stereotypes and valuing diverse interests.

7. Peculiar Menstrual Cycle Theory

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When a male yoga instructor tried to explain the supposed synchronization of women’s menstrual cycles with the moon, a female student found herself perplexed. The woman questioned the instructor’s understanding, as the theory appeared fantastical without any supporting evidence. Opting to avoid an argument, she continued her yoga practice, disregarding the instructor’s peculiar explanation.

8. Frustration Over Identity Redefinition

Black Man shrugging
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A disturbing incident was recounted where a friend’s boyfriend persistently insisted that the person was a member of a different race, despite their clear knowledge of their own skin tone and the support of a mutual friend. This absurd attempt to redefine their identity highlighted the stupidity and insensitivity of those involved, leaving the person frustrated by the encounter.

9. Misunderstanding About New Zealand

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In a perplexing incident, someone confidently stated that New Zealand was located in Europe, near Britain. Puzzled by this misconception, the person realized that the individual lacked basic geographic knowledge. Instead of directly refuting the claim, they chose to let the misunderstanding persist, upholding their own mistaken view.

10. Laughing off Insurance Premium Explanation

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A seasoned insurance broker shared an amusing anecdote about someone attempting to explain how insurance premiums were calculated, despite the broker’s extensive knowledge and years of experience in the field. Finding irony in the situation, the broker laughed it off, opting not to engage in a debate or dispel the myth.

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