“Stop Sharing Your Netflix Password” 10 Surprising Things That Many Say Is Okay To Steal

Most people agree that stealing is wrong. However, they are willing to bend the rules in some situations.

1. Essential Resources: Survival Justification

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In a compelling argument, one user advocates for the acceptance of taking essential items like food and water without consequences, as long as the supply is plentiful and others are not hindered from accessing them. They assert that when abundance exists, the act of acquiring necessities should be seen as a natural course of action that does not infringe upon the rights of others.

2. Selective Acceptance: Gold, Silver, and Copper

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With a bold stance, a person boldly asserts that taking gold is always permissible, as it is universally regarded as a fair game. They further assert that taking silver would be justified if the offending party displays disrespect or undesirable behavior. However, the user intriguingly refrains from delving into the details of the distinction, leaving room for curiosity and speculation.

3. Claimed Natural Resources: Challenging Ownership

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Challenging prevailing norms, one commenter contends that taking previously claimed and profited natural resources should be deemed accepted without facing repercussions. They argue that if someone has staked a claim and charged others for using those resources, it becomes rational to consider their acquisition without consequences. It sparks a thought-provoking debate on the ownership and utilization of resources.

4. Streaming Service Complexity: Justifying Piracy

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In an intriguing observation, someone argues that piracy in the context of streaming services is justifiable due to the complexities and rising costs of accessing content. They express a desire for a simpler method of obtaining entertainment while acknowledging their willingness to pay for it. The user draws attention to the current landscape of the streaming industry, where multiple providers offer premium content at ever-increasing prices, fostering an environment that seems to condone illegal means of access.

5. Stealing Baby Supplies: Look the Other Way

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A user offers a somewhat controversial suggestion, advising others to look the other way when witnessing the theft of infant essentials in desperate circumstances. Their statement implies an understanding or acceptance of such actions driven by the need to meet their infants’ critical demands. It presents a moral dilemma and challenges societal expectations of intervening in such situations.

6. Necessities in Tough Times: Ignoring Theft

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One contributor empathizes with those facing financial distress and acknowledges individuals’ need to steal essential items in dire circumstances. They candidly admit their limitations and reluctance to intervene or report such events, opting to ignore the theft and act as if they were not present. It raises the ethical question of personal involvement and moral responsibility in challenging situations.

7. Government Money: Reclaiming Earned Salary

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With a hint of frustration, another user argues that government money, essentially earned by each individual, should be considered fair game for theft. They express annoyance at the significant portion of their salary withheld in the form of taxes. The user’s tone conveys a desire to reclaim what they believe rightfully belongs to them, engaging in a discourse on taxation and personal entitlement.

8. Women’s Products: Turning a Blind Eye

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Shedding light on an overlooked issue, a participant points out society’s lack of attention and intervention regarding women’s supplies like tampons and pads being taken without payment. The user, possibly working in a pharmacy, calmly highlights their observation without expressing concerns or complaints, hinting at a resignation to such situations as part of their daily routine.

9. Workplace Theft: Underpaid Compensation

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With personal experience as a backdrop, an individual boldly asserts that stealing from one’s employer is acceptable, especially when feeling underpaid. They candidly share their past actions in the medical industry, confessing to robbing essential items such as masks, gloves, alcohol wipes, and sanitizer bottles. The user implies that their acts were either a form of retaliation or an attempt to compensate for what they considered inadequate compensation.

10. Stealing Cable TV: Modern Digital Equivalents

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Reflecting on societal changes, one participant draws attention to the declining prevalence of cable TV theft over the past two decades. They make a thought-provoking comparison, suggesting that the modern equivalent involves illegally downloading digital content through BitTorrent or disc-ripping software. The user highlights the evolution of technology and the shifting landscape of media consumption, prompting contemplation on the transformation of illicit access in the digital age.

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