That Should Never Happen At Midnight: 10 Weird Things That Are Normal at Noon And Something Else At Midnight

Some things should only happen during the day. Here are ten.

1. The Headless Bus Driver

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A haunting tale emerges as a user recollects a spine-chilling incident involving a school bus during the late hours. During their formative years, their parents playfully spun a tale about a headless bus driver who would ominously seek revenge on those who missed the bus. Although it was all in good fun, the user confesses that the idea deeply unsettled them, prompting them to become extraordinarily punctual in catching the bus, ensuring their safe passage to school each morning.

2. A Lifeless Body Discovered

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In a bone-chilling account, a person recounts a hair-raising encounter when their dog’s frantic barking pierced the silence late at night. The incident unfolded around 10 PM, with their dog incessantly agitated and refusing to quiet down. Despite a thorough investigation, no external cause for concern was found. However, upon closer inspection, the user’s gaze fell upon their dog’s unwavering fixation on their parked car. To their utter shock, they made a ghastly discovery—a lifeless body concealed beneath their vehicle. Overwhelmed with fear, the user hastily retreated indoors, clutching their loyal companion, and urgently dialed emergency services.

3. Peculiar Sound in the Woods

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An eerie tale unfolds as an individual recounts a spine-tingling experience of taking a solitary stroll through the mysterious woods. The chilling incident transpired during a camping trip with their teenage daughter. In the dead of night, their daughter awakened them, visibly disturbed by a peculiar sound echoing through the trees. She described it as an otherworldly screech, resembling an animal’s cry but with an uncanny repetition akin to a tape machine playing on a loop in the forest’s heart. The user admits an immediate surge of fear coursing through their veins as their daughter shared this unsettling information. Reacting swiftly, they urgently implored their daughter to withhold such disturbing details, dreading the dark implications they might hold.

4. Fear of Emergency Alerts

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One commenter opens up about their profound fear of emergency alerts, ranging from tornado warnings to Amber Alerts, and expresses discomfort with the alarming tones used in the Emergency Alert System (EAS). They confess that these alerts, regardless of timing, instill an overwhelming sense of dread. Another participant in the conversation chimes in, echoing a similar sentiment, asserting that these alerts evoke equal fright regardless of the hour in which they manifest.

5. The Whispered Name

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A chilling belief from South America is shared by another user, delving into the notion that hearing one’s name uttered by a woman between the unholy hours of midnight and 3 AM signifies the presence of a vengeful spirit haunting them. According to the prevailing legend, the proximity of the spirit is determined by the distance from which the name is faintly whispered, heightening the spine-chilling nature of the encounter.

6. The Ominous Chair

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A startling tale unfolds as someone recounts a gripping encounter involving an ordinary chair upon which they typically rest their clothes. In the eerie depths of the night, around 4 AM, the user jolted awake to a fleeting glimpse of someone ominously seated in the chair. A moment of intense fear gripped them, only to dissipate shortly after, revealing the innocuous truth—their microphone adorned with a hat, cleverly masquerading as an intruder.

7. School Buses in the Dark

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A contributor openly expresses unease when confronted with school buses in darkness. They find it deeply unsettling to witness objects associated with a school outside the confines of daylight, as it awakens a sense of unease. Reflecting upon their perspective, the user contends that school itself can be an unnerving realm, with familiarity and tolerability closely intertwined with the realm of daytime.

8. Objects Tumbling at 3 Am

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Somebody shares their experience of objects tumbling over within the confines of their cluttered room. Such incidents are not uncommon, often dismissed as trivial by the user due to the chaotic nature of their space. However, when these disturbances transpire in the ungodly hours, particularly at 3 AM, they jolt the user from their deepest slumber, eliciting a startling response born of fear and disorientation.

9. Midnight Pokemon Go

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An amusing anecdote emerges as one participant recounts a lighthearted encounter with teenagers strolling together in the late hours. They fondly recall a specific incident when they were part of a larger group engaging in a midnight session of Pokemon Go around 2 AM. To their sheer amusement, someone mistakenly mistook their innocent gathering for a troupe of troublemakers, leading to an unexpected encounter with law enforcement.

10. The Rolled-Up Rug

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Another user in the thread shares an intriguing observation, offering insight into an uncommon sight they once beheld the sight of two individuals transporting a rolled-up rug into the recesses of a van. The user reflects upon the rarity of such an occurrence in their personal experience, irrespective of any illicit undertones that may or may not have been associated with it.

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