“The Best Burger In America” Your Area Might Be the Only Place To Find These 10 Desired Goods

Some of the tastiest foods are only available in some regions.

1. Culver’s Butterburgers: Missing in Pittsburgh

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One user mentions that they have yet to come across any Culver’s restaurants in Pittsburgh, and they express their longing for the famous butter burgers that Culver’s is known for.

2. Poutine: Canada’s Treasured Dish

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Highlighting the significance of poutine, another user asserts that it is Canada’s greatest culinary treasure. However, they emphasize the importance of ensuring that it is prepared correctly, as there is nothing more disappointing than ordering poutine and witnessing the addition of cheddar cheese instead of the traditional cheese curds.

3. Blue Bell Ice Cream: Unavailable in Virginia

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Expressing their strong opinion, an individual proclaims that Blue Bell ice cream is undoubtedly the finest ice cream available worldwide. However, they express disappointment that it is not available for purchase in their location in Virginia.

4. Microbreweries: Scarcity in a New City

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A commenter shares their experience of transitioning from Colorado, where microbreweries appear to be abundant, to a city with only one microbrewery. They express the enjoyment derived from indulging in well-crafted, locally brewed beer directly from the tap at its origin, emphasizing the scarcity of such establishments in their new location.

5. Chicago Pizza and Italian Beef: Longing From Afar

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Expressing their longing for two iconic Chicago dishes, a contributor mentions their yearning for Chicago-style pizza and Italian beef. They express a desire for someone to transport some of the finest pizza from Malnati’s, a renowned pizzeria, all the way to Toronto, indicating their strong craving for the flavors they miss.

6. Deep-Fried Mars Bar: A Lost Indulgence

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Reflecting on the past, somebody reminisces about indulging in deep-fried Mars bars at a nearby diner that has since closed down. They express a sense of melancholy, suggesting that their current state may result from no longer having access to this indulgent treat. They ponder whether their weight change could be attributed to the absence of this dessert, contemplating the potential connection to weight loss.

7. Irn Bru: Elusive and Pricey in Australia

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According to a user remarks that Irn Bru, a popular Scottish carbonated soft drink, is challenging to come across in Australia. Furthermore, they note that the price tends to be relatively high even when it is available, adding an additional barrier to obtaining their beloved beverage.

8. Bacon Ban Trauma: Craving Doner Kebabs and Shawarmas

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Recalling their time living in Kuwait, a person shares a somewhat traumatic experience of abstaining from consuming bacon for four years due to the country’s ban on pig products. However, now that they have moved away, they express a deep longing for the delectable Doner kebabs and shawarmas that were readily available during their time in Kuwait, emphasizing how much they miss these flavorful dishes.

9. Cincinnati Chili: A Greek-Inspired Delight

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Encouraging those who happen to visit Cincinnati, Ohio, a savvy user recommends a visit to Skyline Chili. They explain that Cincinnati Chili originates from Greece and is a distinct variation that differs significantly from the typical chili people are accustomed to.

10. Kraft Dinner Nostalgia: Acquired Through American Friends

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Sharing a nostalgic sentiment, an individual fondly recalls their love for Kraft Dinner, a popular macaroni and cheese dish, during their frequent visits to Canada in their childhood. However, since the passing of their grandmother, and they no longer have the opportunity to visit Canada, they reveal that their access to Kraft Dinner is now limited. They rely on their American friends, who can purchase it from a nearby U.S. Army base, to satisfy their craving for this beloved comfort food.

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