10 Best Comebacks Waiters Said To Rude Customers

Is everyone so rude in the 21st century?

1. Questioning Gender Disparity in Food Orders

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A waiter’s disrespectful behavior was recounted by a customer who was taken aback when asked, “Why is the man ordering less than the woman?” after placing their order.

2. Disregarded Customer: Ignored at the Restaurant

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An unsettling incident was shared by an individual who experienced racial discrimination at a restaurant. Despite dining with their two white employers, the waiter completely ignored them, communicating only with the employers. Their request was disregarded, prompting one of their companions to intervene and place the order on their behalf.

3. Waiter’s Last Day Confession Turns Into Good Service

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A patron described an amusing conversation with an outgoing waiter. On their last day of work, the waiter boldly declared their indifference towards customer opinions. With a mischievous smile, the waiter revealed their recent teaching position in Massachusetts after a long search, making it apparent that their initial statement was sarcastic and meant as a lighthearted joke.

4. Standing Up Against Rude Remarks: The Bald Truth

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One customer recounted a distressing encounter with a rude waiter during dinner. The waiter exhibited impolite behavior throughout the meal, questioning a friend’s order and refusing to pack leftovers. Unbeknownst to the waiter, one of the diners was undergoing chemotherapy and wore a wig to cover her bald head. The resilient individual decided to speak up for herself, halting her meal and removing the wig to expose her baldness. Meeting the stunned waiter’s gaze, she sternly asserted, “Don’t mess with me. I’m sick,” before resuming her meal.

5. Impatiently Neglected: Long Wait for Service

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Frustration and impatience were expressed by an individual who experienced a long wait without service at a restaurant. After waiting for 20 minutes with no waiter attending to their table, the customer took matters into their own hands. Approaching the serving station, where the staff was engaged in conversation, they politely requested assistance, emphasizing the accuracy of their wait time. Their coworker, growing increasingly impatient, joined them in seeking a resolution.

6. Food Shaming at the Table: Dessert Doubt

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Another individual shared a negative encounter with a server who commented on their eating habits. While the customer enjoyed their meal, the server remarked, “I see you’re getting a little food, baby, there. Do you really want dessert?” The comment, perceived as impolite and body-shaming, implied that the customer had overindulged and questioned their choice to have dessert.

7. Mistaken for a Minor: Denied Entry and Police Called

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A restaurant-goer recounted an unpleasant experience with a server at an Asian restaurant. Despite being 23 years old, the server assumed they were underage upon arrival. The server insisted that children needed to be accompanied by adults. The customer resorted to displaying their driver’s license to clear up the misunderstanding, as they were accustomed to such assumptions.

8. Spicy Truths: Server’s Blunt Description

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A former Thai restaurant server shared a memorable encounter with a couple. When asked about the spice level in a particular dish, the waiter made a humorous but slightly inaccurate remark. Surprisingly, the couple found the reaction immensely funny, laughing until they nearly cried.

9. Needy Table: Steak Mishap and Expensive Wine

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One customer recounted an unkind comment made by their waiter during a dining experience. The incident occurred when the customer returned their improperly prepared steak and requested a second expensive bottle of wine worth $60. Frustration led the individual to voice their irritation with the situation.

10. Insensitive Comment: Pregnant Dilemma at Olive Garden

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Another person described their interaction with an unfriendly server at Olive Garden, highlighting their seven-month pregnancy. The server’s offensive comment arose when the customer decided to order dessert. With a noticeable glance at the customer’s abdomen, the waiter questioned, “Are you SURE you should do that?” The remark was particularly offensive considering the customer’s pregnancy.

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