10 Dead Celebrities That Are Treated Like Saints Even Though They Were Awful When They Were Alive

Celebrities hold a special place in our hearts, captivating us with their talent, charisma, and influence. We often idolize them, cherishing their memory even after they have passed away. However, there exists a disconcerting truth behind some of these beloved icons. Despite their remarkable contributions to the entertainment industry, some of these deceased celebrities had darker sides that were often overlooked or conveniently forgotten.

1. Brian Jones

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A user initiates a discussion about Brian Jones, recognizing the admiration some Rolling Stones fans hold for his contributions to the band. Alongside expressing sadness for Jones’ tragic end, the user also acknowledges the darker aspects of his personal history, specifically addressing his involvement in domestic violence.

2. James Brown

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Concerning James Brown, an individual reacts with a negative sentiment, expressing surprise. Another user shares their personal experience living in Augusta, Georgia, during Brown’s later years. They mention how waitresses and gas station attendants spoke positively about Brown’s generous tipping habits but also highlight his frequent appearances in local news for allegedly threatening people with firearms, often involving individuals like power company employees and meter readers.

3. Pablo Picasso

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A commenter brings up Pablo Picasso, reminiscing about a movie they watched during their childhood based on his ex-wife’s memoir. From the portrayal in the film, the user describes Picasso as a “total abusive creep,” expressing deep concern and finding his behavior troubling and problematic.

4. Mr. Rogers

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Discussing Mr. Rogers, someone acknowledges that the worst thing they have heard about him relates to an incident on his show. They recall an episode where Mr. Rogers had a gay black man as a guest to protest segregation but chose not to discuss his guest’s sexual orientation openly. However, the user notes that years later, Mr. Rogers sincerely apologized to the individual, recognizing that although he was trying to prioritize his battles, it was still an incorrect decision.

5. Alfred Hitchcock

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Sharing a story involving Alfred Hitchcock, a contributor reveals their grandparent’s role as a key grip on Hitchcock’s final movie. As the crew prepared to shoot the last scene’s final shot, Hitchcock abruptly expressed fatigue and insisted on wrapping up, disregarding the crew’s explanations about their last day on set and upcoming travel plans. The user emphasizes the significant financial consequences, as the crew had to rebuild the entire set from scratch on a studio lot upon their return, resulting in substantial costs for such a brief filming period.

6. Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra.
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Referring to Frank Sinatra, a participant recounts a personal connection through their grandparent’s girlfriend and her husband, who used to work for the renowned singer. The user describes was unwilling to pay his employees and treated them poorly. They conclude by suggesting that Sinatra’s behavior exemplified the flaws commonly found in human nature.

7. Frank Lloyd Wright

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Mentioning Frank Lloyd Wright, another user in the thread highlights a series of distressing events surrounding the renowned architect. They note Wright’s decision to abandon his wife and children to pursue a relationship with a married woman, ultimately becoming his mistress. They explain the severe consequences of Wright’s actions, which led to his mistress’s and her children’s tragic demise. Additionally, they mention that Wright’s butler, driven to insanity, committed further acts of violence, including burning down Wright’s studio and ultimately taking his own life by consuming acid.

8. Prince

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Sharing their personal experience working for Prince, a wise observer unveils a not-so-secret aspect about the late musician. They assert that Prince was notoriously difficult to work with and had a reputation for mistreating his employees. They mention an industry saying that suggests one hasn’t truly made it until Prince has fired them. Despite his legendary status, the user believes that Prince’s ego was uncontrollable and that he was highly critical of others while being intolerant of weakness.

9. Salvador Dali

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Expressing concerns about Salvador Dali, a renowned artist, a savvy user, claims he was a fascist with a history of physically abusing women. They also share an unsettling anecdote about Dali’s childhood. According to the user, Dali’s parents had a previous child named Salvador, who tragically died from gastroenteritis at a young age. When Dali was born nine months later, his parents gave him the same name and, on his fifth birthday, took him to the grave of his deceased brother, claiming that he was the reincarnation of the infant.

10. Paul Allen

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Paul Allen is mentioned by another commenter who expresses a negative opinion about him. They point out that Allen had a policy where his arena staff was not allowed to look at him, which the user views as indicative of someone with a difficult personality.

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