“TikTok Isn’t Real Life” 10 Pieces of Advice Teens Today Don’t Want To Hear But Should

Teens would benefit from this advice if they were willing to listen.

1. TikTok Videos: Potential Humiliation in the Future

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A user raises concerns about the potential for future shame associated with posting dancing videos on TikTok. While acknowledging the current enjoyment of such activities, they caution that as individuals grow older, their perspectives on these videos may change, leading to potential embarrassment.

2. Teens: Similarities To Previous Generations

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According to another commenter, the current generation of teenagers is not fundamentally different from previous generations. They argue that teenagers’ struggles, adventures, and personality traits have remained largely constant.

3. Self-Care Reminders: Teeth, Exercise, and Diet

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In a series of reminders, one individual emphasizes the importance of self-care for teenagers. They stress the need to care for their dental health, as decay is inevitable. The user also highlights that young people are not immune to cardiovascular problems and emphasizes the value of physical activity, particularly walking. Also, cultivating healthy eating habits is crucial in preventing chronic conditions.

4. Smoking and Drinking: Not Cool or Mature

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A commenter points out that smoking or drinking does not make teenagers appear “cool” or more mature. They argue that engaging in these activities does not enhance one’s appearance or create the impression of greater maturity.

5. Longstanding Societal Issues: Historical Perspective

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One user informs teenagers that the social issue they have recently become aware of has actually existed for many years and possibly even millennia. They suggest that the issue is not new and has been a persistent concern in society for a significant amount of time.

6. Ageism and Dismissing Older Individuals

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Expressing concern, someone addresses the mindset of undervaluing or disregarding older individuals. They caution against the notion that senior citizens do not deserve to be taken seriously, utilized, or given opportunities to perform specific tasks. The user emphasizes that labeling the aging process as inherently flawed can negatively affect society, both culturally and ethically.

7. The Concept of ‘Influencers’: Invalid and Indoctrination

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A skeptical user argues that the concept of being an “influencer” is misleading. They contend that those who present themselves as influencers are essentially figureheads, acting as models or representatives of specific concepts or products. The user also mentions indoctrination, suggesting that influential individuals may be involved in spreading particular ideologies or beliefs.

8. Individual Worth vs. Effort: You Are Not Inherently Special

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In a direct address to teenagers, a contributor asserts that they are not inherently special as individuals. However, the user recognizes that the work and effort put into various teenage projects can be unique and significant. They emphasize the distinction between personal worth and the value of one’s actions or accomplishments.

9. Trades Careers: High Pay With Less Debt and Education

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Another user in the thread highlights the advantages of pursuing a career in the trades. They emphasize that trade positions can offer high-paying opportunities, often exceeding six figures, while requiring significantly less debt and formal education than other career paths. The user suggests that young people seeking financially rewarding options should consider opportunities in the trades.

10. Relating to Elders: Impact on Future Generations

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A participant claims that how the current generation of teenagers interacts with their elders will significantly impact how future generations perceive them. The user suggests that the present generation’s respect, understanding, and communication with older individuals will influence intergenerational interactions and relationships in the long run.

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