Tiny, Terrible And Deadly: These 10 Animals Could Make Humans Extinct

Many animals, if they set their mind to it, could certainly wipe out humanity. Here are ten.

1. Flies

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Imagine a tiny creature, so small you barely notice it, that has the power to bring down humanity. That’s what an expert warns about flies, who have a nasty habit of carrying deadly diseases. If these insects were fed up enough, they could unleash their microscopic weapons on us all, causing widespread devastation. It’s a chilling thought to be wiped out by something as small as a fly.

2. Komodo Dragons

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A commentator suggests that komodo dragons could pose a serious threat to humans if they were to become more widespread. These giant lizards are incredibly powerful and have a nasty bite that can cause paralysis and death. Although they are not known for attacking humans, they have been known to eat them. If they were to interact more frequently with humans, they could pose a serious threat to our safety.

3. Ducks

types of ducks
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Forget about lions, tigers, or bears – according to a visionary, ducks are the real creatures to fear. This creative thinker envisions a scenario where ducks band together with swans and geese to bully rabbits into joining their alliance. The rabbits would then be used as bait to lure out foxes, leading to the entrapment of fox hunters and their hounds. If ducks were to become fed up, their influence could pose a dangerous threat, especially given the power of fox hunters in the government.

4. Dogs

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According to a dog trainer, canines could potentially become a threat to humans if they were mistreated or abused. Although dogs are known for their loyalty and protective instincts, they may attack without warning if they perceive a threat. The user suggests that aggressive training or exposure to violent behavior could make a dog a danger to humans. However, a well-trained and socialized dog is unlikely to threaten anyone.

5. Gut Bacteria

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Did you know that the bacteria living in our gut, weighing around 3.5kg, can take us down from within? That’s what a third expert warns, highlighting that these tiny creatures control our digestion and carry more genetic information than humans. If they ever decided to go rogue and turn against us, we would have little chance of stopping them. It’s a chilling reminder of the power of the micro-world.

6. Squirrels

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Squirrels may seem like harmless little creatures, but don’t let their cute appearance fool you. According to a wildlife enthusiast, these critters could wipe us out if they ever organized against humans. They are deadly predators with razor-sharp teeth and the ability to jump six feet in the air. Fortunately, they have yet to turn against us in a coordinated attack, but it’s a warning never to underestimate the power of nature.

7. Mosquitoes

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A user highlights the danger of mosquitoes, as they are responsible for spreading deadly diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and Zika virus. Mosquitoes are found worldwide and can be particularly dangerous in poor sanitation and hygiene areas. If they were to become resistant to insecticides or their numbers were to increase significantly, they could pose a serious threat to global health.

8. Cats

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As much as we love our feline friends, they can be dangerous if they turn on us. That’s the message from a cat lover who witnessed firsthand the danger of a sister’s unstable cat. The cat attacked her, sending her to the emergency room with dangerous scratches that could easily become infected. If cats were to turn against us on a larger scale, the consequences could be devastating. It’s a reminder to treat all animals with respect and caution.

9. Dolphins

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A marine biologist warns of the potential threat that dolphins could pose to humans. With their high intelligence and advanced communication skills, dolphins can coordinate their actions to attack marine predators. It’s not impossible to imagine that they could turn on humans if they feel threatened. With their strength and agility, a dolphin could easily overpower a human if it wanted to.

10. Bulls

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Bulls are a potential threat to humanity, particularly in bullfighting and rodeos. With their massive size and strength, bulls can easily trample or gore humans, causing serious injury or death. It could be catastrophic if they band together and organize against humans. Although generally docile, bulls may attack if they feel threatened or provoked.

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