10 Ridiculous Things Strangers Have Said To Others

People have given up their manners.

1. A Strange Proposal in the Aisles

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At Target, an individual shared an intriguing encounter they had. Out of the blue, a stranger approached them and uttered something peculiar. According to the person, they had been dreaming about the user since they were ten years old, although, in their fantasies, the user had different physical attributes. The stranger believed the user was destined to be their spouse and invited them to meet in the parking lot. Despite their roommate finding the situation hilarious and encouraging the meeting, the user declined, deeming it too unusual and opting not to pursue it.

2. The Curious Goatee Stroker

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While crossing the street, one person recounted a strange incident before them. Suddenly, an older woman reached out and gently touched their face, catching them off guard. With an unexpected reassurance that she wouldn’t harm them, the woman stroked the commenter’s goatee, remarking on its softness. Bewildered, the user stood there, trying to comprehend the bizarre encounter that had just occurred.

3. The Yawning Instruction

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In San Francisco, someone shared an unusual experience while going about their day. As they yawned, a passerby exclaimed, “Yawn with your mouth closed!” They found themselves perplexed, unsure of how to comply with the stranger’s request, given the involuntary nature of yawning and the unexpectedness of the comment.

4. A Bizarre Metro Moment

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Recounting an odd incident on the metro, an individual remembered a man approaching them wearing only boxers, loudly exclaiming about someone stealing his clothes and asking for one dollar. Taken aback by the man’s statement and appearance, the user felt confused about how to react in such a situation.

5. Confusing Car and Bus

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While waiting for the bus in their neighborhood, another user described an unusual encounter with a peculiar resident. Approaching them, the resident repeatedly pointed at a car parked near their house, exclaiming, “Car!” Perplexed, the user responded by pointing at the incoming bus and enthusiastically shouting, “Bus! Bus! Busssssss!!” The user was left baffled as the resident swiftly retreated into their home, the meaning behind their dialogue remaining unclear.

6. Goodwill Fashion Fiasco

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A humorous incident unfolded at a Goodwill store, as recounted by a savvy user. While browsing through shirts, they stumbled upon one they believed would fit their younger sister perfectly. However, a nearby woman gave them a critical look and exclaimed, “No, no, no… sweetheart, that won’t fit you. Definitely not.” The user found the interaction intriguing because the woman seemed to assume they were purchasing the garment for someone else.

7. Creepy Childhood Encounter

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This individual shared a peculiar shopping experience with their mother as a child. Suddenly, a woman appeared out of nowhere and stroked their head, commenting on the beauty of their hair. To the user’s surprise, the woman then wanted to chop off their hair and keep it in a box. Since then, the user has encountered this woman a few times, but she always acts as if nothing unusual ever happened.

8. A Rejected Request

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Somebody described an odd encounter involving a stranger who approached them, boldly asking to borrow their shirt. Taken aback by the audacity of the request, the user reacted angrily, clearly expressing their reluctance and desire for the stranger to leave them alone.

9. The Unwanted Date Proposal

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While working for a newspaper, a contributor found themselves in an interesting situation. A woman entered the premises carrying a picture of her daughter, who had recently graduated from college. During their conversation, the woman abruptly proposed that the user take her daughter out on a date. The user responded with indifference, stating “meh,” and jokingly mentioned the distance of 15 miles to the daughter’s location, along with their own responsibilities, including taking care of their animals and attending to personal matters.

10. McDonald’s Misunderstanding

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An amusing incident took place at McDonald’s, as described by a participant. When a woman dressed in a grocery shop uniform approached their sister at the drink station, they both became involved in an unexpected encounter. The woman boldly requested to accompany the user’s sister to shopping at Walmart. Taken aback, the user’s sister sat there, staring at the woman in utter shock. Sensing the awkward silence, the woman smiled, saying, “So, I guess that’s a no?”

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