“Why Does The Pizza Smell Like Weed?” 10 Weirdest Food Delivery Situations

Food delivery is happening often now. Here are some weird situations drivers have encountered.

1. Unusual Cigar Delivery Fee

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One delivery worker shared a memorable experience from six years ago while working for a delivery company. They vividly remembered an unusual order: delivering a single cigar to a customer. Despite the item being around $3, the delivery fee amounted to a staggering $13.50 due to the customer residing in a remote area. To their surprise, the customer generously tipped them $10. It turned out that the customer was intoxicated and believed that paying the delivery fee was a cheaper alternative to driving under the influence.

2. Confusing Delivery Instructions Mix-up

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Another individual recounted a comical incident they encountered during a delivery. They received specific instructions that read, “Beat on the door like you’re the cops, and then rawr like a T-Rex to scare my kids.” Following the instructions, the delivery person arrived at the designated location and enthusiastically knocked on the door, accompanied by a roaring sound. However, they met a confused lady who did not know the instructions. It turned out that the instructions were from a previous delivery and had not been deleted.

3. Unusual Encounter at the Farmhouse

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Reflecting on their time delivering porta-potties, one person shared a rather intriguing incident. They arrived at a farmhouse in a secluded area early in the morning. To their surprise, when they knocked on the door, a chubby toddler answered, rubbing his eyes. Expecting to meet the child’s father, the delivery worker asked if the father was available. Astonishingly, the toddler responded in a grown-up voice, and demanded the bill while instructing them to drop off the porta-potties.

4. Enigmatic Pizza Delivery to Kids

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A delivery person fondly recalled an intriguing delivery to what appeared to be a lively house filled with screaming and laughing kids. Although it seemed like a birthday party, no decorations were in sight. The door was answered by a child wearing a button sweater and gelled hair. Instead of calling for their parents, the child rallied other kids to receive the food delivery while he reached for his wallet and generously tipped. With a smile, the child closed the door, leaving the delivery worker bewildered at the unusual and delightful interaction.

5. Quirky Six-Knock Delivery Request

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Another user shared a peculiar request they received. The customer asked them to knock on the door specifically six times. While not as bizarre as some other experiences, it was a request that stood out and left a lasting impression on the delivery person. The unusual instruction deviated from the typical delivery protocols, making it a memorable encounter.

6. The Mystery of the Closed KFC

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Recalling their time delivering for DoorDash, one individual recounted an incident where they were assigned to pick up a DoorDash order from KFC. However, they discovered its closure upon arriving at the restaurant, with no lights or cars present. Unable to fulfill the order, they had to inform the customer that their KFC order would not arrive that night. It was a strange situation where the delivery worker was caught in the unexpected circumstances of a closed restaurant, leaving them with no choice but to cancel the order.

7. Marijuana-Scented Pizza Delivery

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A delivery boy shared an unusual experience of delivering to a customer whose door was accompanied by the distinct aroma of marijuana. The customer’s bloodshot eyes and classic rock music background added to the peculiar ambiance. The customer’s eccentric behavior was further enhanced by a girl dancing in the middle of the room while wearing a soft robe.

Despite the unconventional setting, the customer expressed gratitude and left a generous tip before laughing as the delivery person handed them the pizza. It was a funny and interesting event highlighting the unique encounters during food deliveries.

8. Startling 7-11 Scene


Another participant recounted an unpleasant experience when they went to a 7-11 to pick up a snack order. To their horror, they discovered the store’s front windows were damaged, and police officers questioned the owners. Concerned for their safety, the delivery worker canceled the order and returned to work, fearing the risk of a robbery or a drive-by shooting. The unexpected scene they encountered terrified the delivery person and created a stressful situation.

9. Muslim Bacon Pizza Dilemma

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One contributor shared their disappointing encounter while delivering an order to a seemingly satisfied family. Initially, the family appeared content and even left a $10 tip. However, upon returning to the store, the same family made an unexpected demand. They requested a refund, two different pizzas, and even asked for the tip back.

The reason behind their discontent? A piece of Canadian bacon on their pizza went against their Muslim dietary restrictions. Despite the delivery workers not being responsible for the pizza’s creation, they bore the brunt of the family’s dissatisfaction, leaving them incredibly upset.

10. Star Wars Conversation During Delivery

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Recently, a delivery worker’s acquaintance had a memorable and peculiar encounter. While delivering, they encountered a customer whose first name sounded remarkably similar to “Roger Roger.” The delivery person took advantage of the situation and made a playful remark about how the name sounded like a Star Wars battle robot.

Surprisingly, the customer found the comment hilarious and initiated a discussion about the movie “Revenge of the Sith,” which continued for around 10 minutes. The delivery worker’s acquaintance remembered the interaction with great pleasure, as it was an unexpected and enjoyable exchange.

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