These 15 States Are The Most Impolite

People who travel to multiple states have observed that a few states are ruder than others. It can be a cultural or behavioral thing of states that seem rude to tourists. If we rate the rudest states of America, keeping in view the customer dealings, drivers, and tipping amounts along with the perception of rudeness in other states. Here are the top American states ranked according to their rudeness level:

1. Rhode Island

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Ranked as the rudest state by 42% of people, Rhode Island is considered the top rudest state in America. The state has its natural beauty and seasides that attracts visitors. But its people’s rudeness makes most of them feel unwelcomed by the state.

2. Massachusetts

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If you talk about Massachusetts, you’ll find it’s not the best place to work as a service worker. The research statistics show that Massachusetts gives only 15% tipping to service workers. Besides this, the state has a percentage of 3.1 for rude drivers.

3. Virginia

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This state ranked as the 3rd top rudest state among the 50 states of the USA. It’s notorious for its rudest drivers around the state. Travelers noticed that 5% of the drivers gave them a cold shoulder, rude behavior, and illegal driving. 

4. New York

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Another rudest state in the USA is New York. People who have visited New York find it shocking that it didn’t get top rank in the rudest state. 30 % of people in this state are the rudest to tourists and locals. If you look at the tipping rate, you’ll be amazed that it’s only 15.6%. It’s pretty less a number when the state is known to be the state of wealthy people.

5. California

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California is known to have it all. It’s called a golden state because of its landscape, culture, and food. But it’s also one of the top-ranked rudest states in America. Its people behave rudely on different levels to the tourists regarding rude drivers, service workers, etc.

6. Washington

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Being one of the Evergreen States of America, Washington is also ranked top for its rude drivers. It has 3.1% rude drivers, making visiting the state ugly for tourists. But the stats are generous in tipping by giving 16.3% to service workers.

7. New Jersey

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New Jersey is also among the top ten states in America. Statistics show that 34% of the USA civilians consider visiting it a rude state. It also presents that the visitors have witnessed that 3.6% of New Jerseyans gave them cold shoulders. 

8. Utah

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The statistics show that Utah is one of the worst states regarding customer service. If you visit the state, you will never think that it can show rude behaviors. But people say that it is just a show they put on. Utah is known to be the 5th rudest state for its lousy customer service. 

9. Illinois

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Another top ten rudest state in the USA is Illinois. It has a percentage of 3.1 drivers giving disrespectful behaviors to the passengers. Besides drivers, a high number of Americans consider this state to be rude.

10. Ohio

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It is a beautiful state that has natural landscapes and highways. But Americans consider Ohio as an unpleasant place to drive. The civilians give rude behaviors to the visitors. However, it has a 16.7% of high tipping rate. But it is still considered a rude state, with 4.3 percent of residents behaving rudely. 

11. Connecticut

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Like Ohio, this state also has a natural beauty that attracts visitors. But the residents show quite a cold shoulder. If you talk about its drivers, 2% of the drivers show rude behavior to the passengers.

12. Maryland

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Much like Connecticut, Maryland also has a good percentage of rude drivers. Tourists love to visit the place, but they are shocked by the rude drivers in the state. But it has a tipping ratio of 15.9 which is a good amount. 

13. Wyoming

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This state is a moderate state for rudeness. Due to the highest tipping amount in the USA, 16.7% of Wyoming is a good place for service workers. But at the same time, 4% of the civilians have a rude attitude while driving, for instance, honking badly in traffic, etc.

14. Oregon

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The second last rudest state of America among the top fifteen rudest states is Oregon. Its rudeness is due to the low tipping amount, which is 0.4%—an extremely low amount for the service workers.

15. South Dakota

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The top 15th rudest state in America is South Dakota. However, Americans don’t consider it to be a rude state. But the research statistics show that nearly 3 percent of the residents are rude drivers.

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