“Workaholics Are Overrated” 10 Weird Things People Base Their Life Around

Sometimes people make weird life choices. Here are some of them.

1. Love Lessons From TV: Shaping Real Expectations

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A user expresses concern about how romantic TV shows shape people’s views on love and romance. They wonder why certain individuals, particularly women, idealize these fictional portrayals as the ultimate standard for real-life relationships.

2. Busy Isn’t Superior: Challenging Identity by Busyness

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Another person criticizes the inclination of some individuals to define themselves solely by their busyness. They emphasize that having commitments and responsibilities doesn’t automatically make someone superior or unique.

3. TV Devotion Ends in Divorce: Grey’s Anatomy Saga

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Sharing an intriguing story, someone recounts a coworker’s wife who became so immersed in the TV show Grey’s Anatomy that it led to divorce and a move to Seattle in pursuit of working at a fictional hospital. Such an extreme devotion to a television series raises eyebrows.

4. Balancing Identity: Pronouns and LGBTQ+ Expression

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Engaging in a discussion about gender identity, another user acknowledges the importance of respecting pronouns and identity while expressing a preference for individuals who seamlessly integrate their LGBTQ+ identity into their everyday lives without constantly emphasizing their gender or sexual orientation.

5. Identity Bound: The Predicament of Military Wives

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It is peculiar how some military wives define their entire identity based on their spouse’s profession. The fixation on being married to a military serviceman raises questions about the depth and authenticity of such an identity.

6. Eccentric Fixation: Russian Culture and Skins Obsession

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An amusing anecdote is shared by a respondent regarding an acquaintance’s fascination with all things Russian or from the Soviet Union. From learning the language to imitating the rebellious behavior of Skins’ character Effy, this person’s preoccupation with Russian culture and lifestyle appears rather eccentric.

7. Fitness Devotee Unveiled: Traits of Gym Enthusiasts

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A user comments on the trend of identifying oneself as a gym enthusiast, CrossFitter, or fitness devotee. They express surprise that this particular identity hasn’t been mentioned earlier and reflect on this group’s unique characteristics and behaviors.

8. Health as Identity: Lactose Intolerance and Asthma

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One user observes that some individuals center their entire personality around lactose intolerant and asthmatic. The user finds it intriguing how these individuals steer conversations toward their health issues, constantly discussing their dietary restrictions and the challenges they face due to lactose intolerance. Similarly, they frequently mention their experiences with asthma and its impact on their daily lives. The user finds it noteworthy that these health conditions have become integral to these individuals’ self-identities.

9. Trumped by Obsession: One-Topic Conversations

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Reflecting on an individual whose personality seemed consumed by their dislike for Trump, a commenter expresses perplexity at the intensity of this person’s obsession. According to the user, every conversation with this individual inevitably revolved around Trump and his actions. While the commenter acknowledges their own lack of fondness for Trump, they found it difficult to engage in discussions with someone who couldn’t focus on any other topic for long. Eventually, they felt overwhelmed by the constant negativity and chose to discontinue communication with this person.

10. Unrequited University Love: Identity Tied to Institutions

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This contributor highlights the peculiar phenomenon where individuals develop an intense fixation on a particular university, despite never attending it themselves or sometimes not having attended any college at all. These individuals construct their entire personality and identity around their perceived connection to the university, often boasting about its accomplishments and traditions as if they were their own. They find this behavior puzzling and question the motivation behind such a deeply rooted attachment to an institution with which they have no personal affiliation.

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