“Workers On Food Stamps While The Owner Is A Billionaire” 10 Upsetting Things Society Normalizes

Some things that they feel normal when maybe they shouldn’t.

1. Billionaires and Workers’ Reliance on Food Stamps

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A user brings attention to a concerning trend where billionaires employ individuals who rely on food stamps to meet their basic needs. The user highlights the troubling disparity between extreme wealth and the dependence on government assistance for survival.

2. Cheating: Normalized but Condemned

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Expressing a deep sense of disgust, another person criticizes the societal acceptance of cheating. They observe how infidelity has become normalized and viewed as an everyday occurrence that affects everyone. They firmly stand against tolerating cheaters, advocating for social consequences and ostracism for those who engage in such behavior.

3. Self-Hatred and Pain Behind Jokes

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Concerned about the prevalent acceptance of self-loathing and self-deprecating humor, another individual points out the underlying anguish and sadness behind these comments. They emphasize the need to recognize and understand the distress behind such remarks, cautioning against dismissing or trivializing them.

4. Successful People’s Unnecessary Meanness

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A commenter laments the societal condoning of powerful individuals acting cruelly without justification. They find it disconcerting that many people perceive such behavior as acceptable or even admirable due to the person’s success. Challenging this notion, the user asserts that success should not explain or justify inappropriate conduct.

5. The Absurdity of Obscene Wealth

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Expressing concern about the existence of an extremely wealthy class in society, a user argues that beyond a certain point, excessive wealth merely fosters control over others and fosters a culture of wealth competition. The user questions the usefulness of such vast amounts of money and highlights its negative impact on creating a culture of comparison and dominance among the ultra-wealthy.

6. Introverts and Forced Extroversion

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Somebody addresses the problem of extroverts attempting to push introverts outside their comfort zones, believing it benefits them. The user challenges the misconception that introverts should constantly be forced into social situations, asserting that this behavior disregards their true preferences and needs.

7. Men and Double Standards in Sexual Encounters

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A contributor raises concerns about the perception of multiple sexual partners as a desirable goal for some men while simultaneously disapproving when women have the same number of partners. The user finds this double standard puzzling and emphasizes the need to challenge societal expectations and converse to address this unfairness.

8. Unwanted Touching and Gender Double Standards

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Attention is drawn to the unsettling behavior of some women who continue to touch others without their consent, even after being explicitly asked to stop. The user highlights the misconception that harassment is only present when perpetrated by men, emphasizing the importance of recognizing that any unwanted physical contact constitutes harassment, regardless of the gender involved.

9. Glorifying Overwork: Questioning Impressive or Admirable

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Critiquing a culture that glorifies self-indulgence, a participant reflects on their experience in film school, where boasting about sleep deprivation and physical ailments resulting from overwork was common. The user challenges the notion that such behavior should be celebrated or respected, stressing the importance of prioritizing mental and physical health over an unrealistic concept of productivity.

10. Meddling in Others’ Affairs: Respect for Privacy

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Another user in the thread criticizes interfering in other people’s affairs while simultaneously asserting their commitment to not intrude in someone else’s business. They argue against the impropriety of meddling in someone’s private matters, emphasizing the value of individual autonomy and privacy while discouraging interference.

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