12 Things Kids Try to Hide From Their Parents, But Fail Miserably

Kids think they are smarter than their parents and can hide things from them. But this is not a reality. Here are 12 such things kids struggle to hide from their parents but fail.

1. Push-Ups

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One mother stated that her 7-year-old son behaved strangely for a few days. He often goes to the washroom man locks himself. Sometimes he does the same in rooms. She said she was worried about what he was doing. One day when she secretly watches him from the window. He was doing push-ups. He wants to get a manly body at this age, ridiculous.

2. Broken Laptop

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One gentleman shared that he had a costly laptop for his work. One day it got disappeared or was stolen. He added that they searched it everywhere. They investigated the home helper. But all in vain. After two weeks, it appeared his 5-year-old daughter broke it and hid it under her bed. And for two weeks, she was hiding this.

3. Dinner

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Kids do not want to eat what they do not like. But some kids find absurd ways to get rid of it. One mother shared that his young boy hated dinners. He only likes junk food. Whenever she tries to feed him something healthy, he refuses. And then suddenly, his plates appeared to be empty, pretending he had eaten all. And when she cleans the house, she finds the meal under the table.

4. Smoking

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A couple on an online internet platform shared that their 12-year-old son was seen picking cigarettes from the trash. And he had been hiding this for six months. They added smoking is, on the one hand, but picking it from the garbage is creepy. But it was revealed on time. They are visiting the drug rehabilitation center with their son.

5. Tests Sheets

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Every kid does this. Sneaking test sheets from parents is a common thing a kid does in childhood. One young mother stated that she has only one daughter. It is her 7th standard. And she is 15 years old. She always lied about they do not have any tests today. When the mother visited the school, she learned that her daughter hid her bad marks on test sheets.

6. A Girlfriend

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One Canadian couple shared about their son, who is only seven years old. And he has a girlfriend from their neighbor. And he pretends that their parents do not know this. Whenever she visits his home to play, their son asks for privacy. This privacy only means playing alone. The mother stated that this was cute and insane at the same time.

7. Weed

Roasted Dry Seaweed
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One old lady shared that her 17-year-old son comes home with weeded eyes once a week. And he does his best to stand straight, talk politely, and behave normally. And he considers himself successful at this. Now it’s been one year, and he has left the weed. Now the mother sometimes asks him to have fun and talk like a weeded person.

8. Pizza Under the Pillow

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A mother shares a funny story in the comments. She stated that her daughter loves pizza so much. One day they have guests and pizza. And when everyone was busy in gossip, all pizza disappeared. Everyone considers it to be eaten. After 3 or 4 days, when the mother was changing bedsheets, she learned that pizza was hidden under the pillow with a stinky smell by her daughter. But she forgets about it. 

9. Pooping in the Backyard

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A mother claimed that his five-year-old boy pooped in the backyard while playing. And whenever he is asked about it, he says our dog does it. But she knows who has done it and finding a way to solve this.

10. A Puppy

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It was shared by a guy that his boy of age six years is currently hiding a puppy in his room. He is shifting the puppy from the cupboards to the bed underneath. And it’s been two days. After two days, the foul smell in his room intimidates him, and something is wrong.

11. Marbles in School

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In almost all school, bringing toys are prohibited. A boy of one participant in the comments takes marbles to the classrooms. He hit the students with these marbles. He complained to his mother. His mother was baffled after bounding a kilogram of marbles in his bag.

12. Snacks From the Food Pantry

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Her girl is fond of chocolates and snacks, a mother admits. She says her daughter sneaks into snacks once she visits a food pantry. It was revealed when she found a lot of chocolate and snack wrappers in her room while cleaning.

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