10 ‘Smart’ Things Many Think Show Intelligence, They Show the Opposite

While many people equate intelligence with certain traits or behaviors, such as having a large vocabulary or being a lifelong academic, these perceptions may not always be accurate indicators of intelligence. Recently on an online platform, people have shared some weird things that are often perceived as signs of intelligence but aren’t.

1. Early Achievements: A Folly

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One person observed that there is a common misconception that scoring an A at a young age is a clear indication of high intelligence. They recalled their own experience of achieving this feat when they were only 14 years old, but now they realize that it may not be a reliable predictor of overall intelligence or future success.

2. EQ Matters: Emotional Intelligence Is Key

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The idea that intelligence and emotional intelligence are mutually exclusive is a common misconception. A wise user commented on this, stating that being emotionally stunted is not a sign of high intelligence. They explained that while someone can have a high IQ, they can still lack emotional intelligence and be difficult to deal with. On the other hand, someone can be both smart and charming, demonstrating that intelligence and emotional intelligence are not mutually exclusive.

3. Over-Opinionating: Dangers of Opinions

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An observer noted that some believe that having an opinion on everything is a sign of intelligence, but that may not always be true. Having an opinion on everything and constantly sharing it with others can be arrogant and annoying. True intelligence involves the ability to listen and consider different perspectives and recognize when it’s better to keep one’s thoughts to oneself.

4. Memory Not Enough: Intelligence Isn’t Memorization

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Another commenter wrote that having a good memory is often perceived as a sign of intelligence. However, they argued that simply being able to memorize things doesn’t necessarily mean you understand them or can think about them critically. In other words, intelligence is about rote memorization and the ability to comprehend and analyze information.

5. Loud Isn’t Smart: Brashness Misconception

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Being loud and confident, no matter what is often perceived as a sign of intelligence, but in reality, it is not. Some people tend to speak louder and more confidently than others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are smarter. Intelligence can epitomize in many different ways, and being able to speak confidently doesn’t always translate to having deep knowledge or insight. Sometimes, those who speak more softly or thoughtfully may better understand a topic.

6. Quiet Ones: Hidden Intelligence

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Being quiet is often perceived as a sign of intelligence, said another user. However, this is not necessarily true. Some individuals are quiet because they hesitate to speak up or do not know what to say. Being quiet does not necessarily mean that one is intelligent.

7. Degree Isn’t Intelligence: College Graduation

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Many users argued that a college degree is often perceived as a sign of intelligence but doesn’t necessarily reflect one’s intellectual capacity. The reality is that having a degree doesn’t automatically mean a person is intelligent, as intelligence can come from various sources and experiences. The degree may indicate that someone is good at studying and test-taking, but it doesn’t necessarily equate to intelligence.

8. Don’t Use Big Words: Pitfalls of Impressing

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Using excessively complex and verbose language doesn’t necessarily indicate intelligence, said an intellectual soul. They point out that people often use big words to sound smarter or more impressive, but it doesn’t always work. Actually, it can be a sign of insecurity or the person didn’t understand the topic. They give an example of someone using grandiose language to describe being woken up by their cat and suggest that using simpler language would be more effective.

9. The Uselessness of Pi Memorization

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According to some, knowing lots of digits of Pi is often perceived as a sign of intelligence, but it’s not really the case. While having a good memory is helpful, memorizing an excessive amount of digits of Pi is essentially useless, as no one will ever need to remember more than a few digits.

10. Accent Bias: English Isn’t Intelligence

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Americans tend to associate British accents with intelligence, while other accents and multilingualism among minorities often indicate a lack of intelligence. The perception that British accents are more refined or educated is a common stereotype, but this does not necessarily reflect a person’s intelligence or capabilities. Similarly, speaking multiple languages is a valuable skill that requires intelligence and dedication, regardless of accent or ethnicity. Stereotyping based on accent or race can be harmful and perpetuate unfair biases.

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